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The opening on Saturday is a few days behind us, and I am still so incredibly happy how this special day went. I have yet not seen any photos, except for this one my Dad took when I was saying a few words of gratitude, shortly before my dear friend Jo Fischer sang "Darkness Cowboy" for me ❤️...

Look at me and see how happy I am. And that is thanks to a celebration of 15 years of heliumcowboy that was just so perfect in every detail...

Thanks to all the amazing artists that contributed with an artwork to Cowboyland - the first 15 years of the heliumcowboy artspace. 55 pieces by 55 artists from around the world - we got a show together that is truly remarkable! ❤️

I want to thank and hug !!! the hundreds of people who came out to be with us for the Vernissage last weekend! Fantastic guests, old and new friends - it was pure love and joy with all of you! ❤️

A very special thank you goes to the volunteers from charity organization clubkinder e.V. for entertaining the many many kids that came out to play, it was beautiful to hear and see all those children having so much fun in our backyard with you. And, dear clubkinder, your grillmaster at the barbecue made a mean Bratwurst and never got tired of feeding the crowd, that was awesome too! ❤️

I want to thank Julia Wesseloh and Oliver Wesseloh for relentlessly 😉drawing your fantastic Kehrwieder Kreativbrauerei brews at the Ranch on Saturday, Annette Kolb for providing us with SCHNICK SCHMACK, and Martin Tesch from Weingut Tesch for his support all these years. ❤️

And last not least - I want to thank my team, without whom a project like this is impossible to realize. Melvin, Fiona, LaviniaYvonneDanielaDirk, Moustique - you are the simply best!!! ❤️


The COWBOYLAND exhibition runs until August 26. The gallery is open every Thursday and Friday from 1 - 6 pm, and of course by appointment, just contact us via mail info@heliumcowboy.com and we set up a date.

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