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What's going on and ... FIRST. - Online Exhibition opening Feb 1st

Dear Friends of the gallery,

First of all - we know, we've been a bit quiet lately. But that has only good reasons!

The main one: At heliumcowboy we have been constantly challenging the way we approach art and its presentation. It is part of our long history. Now we are taking this liberty again and are "implementating" a new concept for a different artspace. We are very excited about this and hope you are too - the opening is in March, and there is still tons of work to do before we are ready.

As part of this we are currently making a new website that we will launch soon. Also, we are expanding the heliumTALK TV-format into a podcast as well. And are talking to artists, curators, and other very interesting people about our program for 2018 ...

In the meantime we do other exiting stuff:


Our very first online-only exhibition. It will go live on our artsy-page this Thursday, February 1st, at 12 noon. Make sure to check it out! 

Melvin & Jörg

PS: If you are in Hamburg and are interested in our portfolio of available work, please feel free to make an appointment at the gallery. Our showroom is full with great artwork, and even though some parts of our space are under construction, there is always a lot to see.

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