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COWBOYLAND: 15 year anniversary show


4000 * 56K/Ole Utikal * ADAMEVA * Adrian Landon Brooks * Alex Diamond * Alekseij Mirnij * Alex Yanes * Andrea Wan * Antonio Santin * Beau Stanton * Ben Tolman * Ben Venom * Blami * Boris Hoppek * Casey McKee * Christophe Lambert * David Shillinglaw * Elmar Lause * Frank Rösner * Gary Taxali * Heiko Müller * Heiko Zahlmann * Jan Kaláb * Henning Kles * Jade Townsend * Jay Olé  * Jaybo Monk * Jeff Soto * Jens Rausch * Jeremy Fish * Jim Avignon * Jo Fischer * Jon Burgerman * Jon Todd * Julia Benz * Mario Kleinschmidt * Mercedes Helnwein * melv12  * Michel Lamoller * Mikael Takács * Milos Koptak * Miroir Noir * moki * Morten Andersen * Pandarosa * Rai Escalé * Rainer Boronowski * Rune Christensen * Ryan Monahan * Samuel Basset * Stefan Groenveld * The London Police * Victor Castillo * Volkano * Wasted Rita * Will Barras * Zezão 

Opening reception  July 15, 2017, 3 PM – 10 PM

Duration Juli 15 – August 26, 2017

Opening hours: Thursdays & Fridays from 1 – 7 PM, and by appointment.



Time flies … when in the year 2002 Jörg Heikhaus opened a small gallery in a very small space in Hamburg St. Pauli, it was experimental, it was different, it was the first of its kind in Germany, and one of very few like-minded artspaces in Europe. Now, 15 years later, this experiment has proven to be a global success and heliumcowboy is proud to say that it became a vital part in the foundation of one of the largest new movements in contemporary art today and is seen as a pioneer of a new format of art galleries.

It has been a long ride. It took us from St. Pauli into the world, to the crazy art hot spots Miami and New York, to Basel, London and other cities and countries that like to celebrate art. We moved in our beloved Underground and amongst the High Society of the so-called elite. But we‘ve always kept faithful to Hamburg, as our base and starting point for our adventures into the world of art.

A lot of things have happend, mostly good, some bad, and many things have changed over the years. It is an experience that created great moments for a lot of people - the many presented artists, the team of heliumcowgirls and -boys and the thousands of guests coming to our shows, the art fairs and projects. 

The best part: heliumcowboy is still here, and we are still going strong. And that is reason to celebrate! With the exhibition COWBOYLAND, for which our founder Jörg Heikhaus invited over 50 artists from around the world. Artists, that have been part of the development of the New Contemporary Art movement as well as those who are the future thereof. The anniversary exhibition will show artists that share history and stories with the gallery, legends and brothers in arms, as well as other recently discovered emerging talents who will be introduced to Hamburg for the first time. 

With all these artists, with our friends and hopefully many many guests we want to celebrate one and a half decades of young, urban, revolutionary, contemporary new art.



Saturday, July 15, 3 pm - 10 pm: On the day of the opening, we invite the whole family over to enjoy the show at the gallery and to a barbeque and kids entertainment organized by charity organisation Clubkinder e.V.. We are open from 3 pm in the afternoon until late. 

Friday, July 14, 6 pm - 9 pm: The evening before the opening we host another edition of heliumTALK, the art talk TV show of Jannes Vahl from clubkinder and Jörg Heikhaus. Our guest tonight: Ralf Krüger (Feinkunst Krüger). Ralf has been even longer in the business than Jörg - he opened his gallery 19 years ago. Together they will review almost 2 decades of gallery life in Hamburg. Needless to say that Ralf and Jörg have always shared a common goal - support the art and the artists and make great exhibitions for Hamburg and beyond. And despite being in the same shark tank, they have been close friends for almost 15 years now and have a lot of stories to tell.

The show will be recorded for television by TIDE TV. Doors open at 6 pm, the talk starts at 7 pm. It will take place inside the exhibition at the gallery.

There will be other program throughout the duration of the exhibition. Latest information can always be found at heliumcowboy.com, facebook.com/heliumcowboy and instagram.com/heliumcowboy.


heliumcowboy: The Beginnings.

This year is a special year for us: the heliumcowboy artspace turns 15. On July 15 we will open the big anniversary exhibition COWBOYLAND featuring 55 international artists (more info / facebook event).

From time to time heliumcowboy-founder Jörg Heikhaus will share a picture and some memories here on our website and on facebook. This is his first story - about the very early days in the first gallery location in Sternstraße 4 in Hamburg-St. Pauli.

Jörg Heikhaus, founder of the heliumcowboy artspace, in the first gallery in Hamburg 2002

"Throwback to … 15 years ago: This is the first portrait of me taken at the brand new heliumcowboy artspace in Sterntraße 4 in Hamburg. 

Behind me are some good ol’ stupid oil(!)paintings I did back then. I rented that place as a workshop for me as an artist, but once I’ve moved in I immediately decided that though it was a really great studio, it was at least equally perfect for making exhibitions. 

And that’s what I wanted to do now: create my own art AND make shows with other artists in the same place! I started out by inviting friends to exhibit there, but quickly moved on to finding exciting, upcoming national and international artists and brought them to my little gallery space in Hamburg St. Pauli. 

However … doing my own art became more and more difficult now. Running a gallery is very time-consuming and requires a lot of energy and passion. But look on the bright side: the progress and success of heliumcowboy may have driven my personal art out of the artspace, but eventually led to the “birth” of Alex Diamond in 2004. Well, but that is a different story that shall be told at another time …  "    



Make sure to come and celebrate with us at the exhibition COWBOYLAND - the first 15 years of the heliumcowboy artspace, opening July 15 - you can subscribe to the facebook event here



For the third time we'll participate in the group exhibition "171 Jahre Kunst in Hamburg" at the Affenfaust Galerie, which presents an overview of the gallery scene in Hamburg.

This series of exhibitions - previously called "60" and "142 Jahre Kunst in Hamburg" - provides a platform of dialoge between twelve local galleries, who all together celebrate 171 years of existence. Within one location the visitors have the convenient opportunity to get an overview of their different focuses and profils.

We'll take opportunity to present works by Jaybo Monk and Rune Christensen, which you can already find in
our online shop on artsy.

171 Jahre Kunst in Hamburg  I  9. - 17.06.2017
Affenfaust Galerie, Paul Roosen Straße 43

Vernissage Friday 9th of June, starting at 7 PM
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Opening hours Wed + Thr 3 - 7 PM, Sat 2 - 6 PM and by appointment

For more information, please don't hesitate to contact us.


BEERNISSAGE: Label Launch with Kehrwieder Kreativbrauerei

We are launching the new artist designed labels of the Kehrwieder Kreativbrauerei at the Gallery on May 24. Click image to subscribe to the Facebook-event.

Please join us for a very special event at the gallery: The launch of the new labels for the beers of the Kehrwieder Kreativbrauerei, created by Alex Diamond, on May 24 from 5–7 PM.

Please sign up to the Facebook event here.

The Kehrwieder Kreativbrauerei and heliumcowboy have  worked together in the past already a few times, most notably with the production of the artist beer The dirty hands of Alex Diamond.

From now on all the labels of the brewery are created by Alex Diamond. They are based on woodblock prints by the artist that reflect all the qualities that are inside the bottles: a hand crafted product, produced with passion, precision, craftmanship and attention to detail.

The exhibition "Textured" by Rune Christensen will still be on view during the "Biernissage", so you can enjoy great art and delicious beer at the same time.



Rune Christensen's first solo exhibition in Germany TEXTURED is now on view until May 27.

You can find photos of the opening and installation shots here

Opening hours: Thr + Fri 1 - 7 PM, Sat 2 - 6 PM and by appointment

All art works can be found on artsy or in the portfolio





Last year we have shown Danish artist Rune Christensen twice as part of group shows in Hamburg, and in 2017 we finally present his first solo exhibition in Germany. We are pleased to show Christensen’s outstanding combination of painting, illustration and graffiti at the heliumcowboy artspace. 


OPENING on April 27, 6 - 10 PM
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EXHIBITION April 27 - May 27, 2017

OPENING HOURS Thr + Fri 1 - 7 PM, Sat 2 -6 PM and by appointment (contact us)

 For more information on prices and availabilty of artworks, please contact us.






Click on the image to find more photos of the opening night


International group show from March 23 - April 13, 2017

curated by Rosie Jenkins, Eline Verstegen and Chiara Villa from the Metropolitan University and the Whitechapel Gallery from London.



For more information, click here
photos of the opening

Opening hours:

Wed-Fri 1 – 7 PM
Sat 2- 6 PM and by appointment (contact rosen@heliumcowboy.com)

you can find available artworks here in the Artwork Portfolio or on our artsy profile





curated by emerging curators from London Metropolitan University and Whitechapel Gallery:
Rosie Jenkins, Eline Verstegen and Chiara Villa

The Best Bogus Botanical Garden literally transforms the white cube gallery space into an artificial botanical garden and features artists who explore humans’ engagement with nature by recreating it, either by manipulating organic elements or by inventing their own materials.


Giovanni Castell (GER),
Lisa Creagh (UK),
Sakir Gökçebag (TUR),
Janaina Mello Landini (BRA),
Liz Orton (UK),
Jens Rausch (GER),
Maren Simon (GER),
Katie Spragg (UK), and
Sadie Weis (USA)

Find more information about the exhibition here

OPENING Thursday, 23 March 2017, 6-10 PM
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EXHIBITION 24 March – 13 April 2017

OPENING HOURS Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 1–7 PM, Saturday 2–6 PM and by appointment

SPECIAL EVENT Curators’ tour: Saturday, 25 March, 1 PM

For more information on prices and availabilty of artworks, please contact us.




heliumTALK #5 with Rudolf klöckner is online

The heliumTALK #5 with Rudolf Klöckner, founder of the blog Urbanshit, was broadcasted by TIDE TV and is now available online.



heliumTALK #05: Rudolf Klöckner, Urbanshit


heliumTALK #05 brings Rudolf Klöckner, founder of the URBANSHIT blog, to the Ranch. We will talk about the state of the Urban Art, such as the global changes to this art form in recent years - the rise from the ugly kid of the subculture to everybody's darling (???)... 

The talk takes place at the heliumcowboy gallery Wednesday, March 1st, 6–9 PM (Talk begins at 7).
More event information can be found on Facebook.


Rudolf Klöckner (Photo by Laura Köhnke)