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Setting up at VOLTA NY: Solo booth with Boris Hoppek


VOLTA NY art fair opens its doors tomorrow, and we are almost done setting up our booth. Boris Hoppek still needs to work on a few details, and yes, we need to clear out the inspiring chaos we always create during set up, but other than that we are nearly there. Which is really unusual for the heliumcowboy's - normally we need the full 48-hours build up period.

This time, we almost wallpapered the stand, something we haven't done in a while but seemed the most appropriate thing to do with lots of smaller sized watercolors and photos by Boris. It looks really good. I am very happy with it, and now let's hope that the people of New York appreciate our hard work and Boris' amazing talent. 

Detailed info on VOLTA NY can be found at their website. These are the key facts:

We are at Booth #C7

VOLTA NY is located right across the Empire State Building, at 7 West 34th Street (betw. 5th and 6th Ave.)

THURS, March 4, 2010: Guest of Honors 11a.m. - 12 noon | VIP 12 noon - 2 p.m. | Public 2 p.m. - 8 p.m.

FRI - SUN 7: 11 a.m. - 7 p.m.


Some impressions from the first day setting up the booth:


Getting ready


It's already our 5th day in New York, and since we are here, we have been mostly working on setting up the exhibition at Factory Fresh. It was not all work until now, also a bit of play: We took yesterday off to explore the city and get out of the art cloud for 24 hours.

Alex cleaning the floor after finishing the wall.It's all done now over at the Factory in Brooklyn, and the show, which will open this Friday, is ready. A big thankyou goes out to Ali and Adam, who are running the place, for everything they've done for us!

The exhibition is called DAMAGE:CONTROL - each of the artists supplied one of the words when finding a joint theme for the show. Who does the damage and who's controlling it is hard to tell, all I can leak is that we know who contributed which word ...

Allthough being close friends for a long time, Boris Hoppek and Alex Diamond have never collaborated this closely in the past. Everyone involved in the show is really happy with the result: it seems like the perfect match; the works correspond nicely, and the whole set up of the room couldn't be more harmonic.

While Boris will be showing photos and watercolors, Alex brought along brand new china ink brush drawings as well as a series of collages. Most of the work has never been exhibited before and was specifically created for the Factory Fresh show.

Isabel sorting through Boris' photos.On location, Boris installed a new upskirt installation (this time you have to slip underneath a beautiful, vintage wedding dress), as well as painting one of the walls with markers. Alex has been busy creating a new piece of collage work (assembled and painted on the gallery floor). It seems to be heavily influenced by this trip, and sports quite an unusual motive compared to others. It comes on 4 wood panels, that are attached to each others, and is integrated into a wall painting, jointly with the six new collages he brought along on this journey. The work is called "Demon skull".

On top of this, Boris and Alex have produced 6 collaborations for the exhibition: jointly created ink drawings. The last 2 ones were finished in New York. Please click on the images below to enlage. Those are just rough photos taken off the wall, so the quality of the images is not perfect. 



Today, we will start setting up the booth at VOLTA NY. Together with Boris Hoppek, we have 2 days to build a stand. For VOLTA NY, galleries have to present solo-artist projects, so it will all be Boris at the fair. This is my preferred way of doing fairs, and if you've been following heliumcowboy a bit in the past years, you'll know that we've gone solo in new York in 2008 (Alex Diamond) and 2009 (Jon Burgerman) on two consecutive Scope art fairs as well. But this time everything is new, because even though we've done the VOLTA in Basel last year, this is our first time we present us at their New York event.

Okay, that's it for today. I know I have gotten really wordy on the new site's blog, but during the relaunch I decided that this journal on our homepage needs to be less corporate and should be more like my personal notebook instead... you just have to deal with it.


Some pictures from the set up at Factory Fresh.


March 5, 8-11 pm: DAMAGE:CONTROL, Boris Hoppek & Alex Diamond at Factory Fresh Gallery

March 4-7: Solo presentation Boris Hoppek at VOLTA NY art fair


Setting up at Factory Fresh

Selecting artwork for the show: Boris and Isabel at Factory Fresh.

The sun has returned. The snow is melting, and that was a lot of snow ... We started setting up the exhibition at Factory Fresh Gallery yesterday. A long day with Boris Hoppek and Alex Diamond working away on brand new works for their show "DAMAGE:CONTROL" (opening Friday, March 5th, 8-11 pm). Today we hope to finish the whole thing, so we can enjoy a day off tomorrow before we prepare the booth for the VOLTA NY art fair, which will open on thursday. 

Added a few images below, and for more information on our upcoming activities in New York please check these links:

March 5, 8-11 pm: DAMAGE:CONTROL, Boris Hoppek & Alex Diamond at Factory Fresh Gallery

March 4-7: Solo presentation Boris Hoppek at VOLTA NY art fair




In the heart of the snow storm.

Room with a view: picture taken from the window of our apartment in Manhattan.

After 20 hours of travelling (waiting everywhere: 4 hours in London Heathrow, 2 hours at NYC immigrations, for taxis, and another 2 hours in massive traffic jam's etc.) we arrived safely at Factory Fresh Gallery last night. A snowstorm is slowing down New York, and there seems to be no end to the snow pouring out of the grey sky. 

New York, so quiet.The view from our apartment is breathtaking: the city lies under a thick white blanket, and our neighbourhood is so typical New York it almost hurts (no, it doesn't; for us, this is almost a romantic tourist experience you cannot plan for). The flat is basic, but very nice, and it has this gorgeous large living room with seven windows opening up to the street panorama.  

We'll be out of our cozy home soon though to meet with Boris Hoppek and Alex Diamond, the protagonists of our show with Factory Fresh Gallery (opening next Friday, March 5th), and buy art supplies. Then it's off to Factory Fresh, to start setting up the exhibition. 

If you feel like reading a longer feature about our travels to New York's art fairs since 2007, I just posted a new article over at small-things.eu. Click here to read it.



snow in new york

Landed during a snowstorm in New York. Brooklyn is covered all white. But arrived safe & sound at Factory Fresh Gallery. Real update when we wake up...


No sleep till Brooklyn

While we are packing our bags for our annual New York trip to the art fairs, we are also busy on creating this new website. It has been a while since our last relaunch (2005? 2006?), and not only did the web change dramatically since then, but so did we. And I am not talking about grey hair and getting older ...

... it was about time. Full stop.

Browsing through the new site, you will see that we will continue with the flexibility and interactivity our web appearance has always provided. heliumcowboy has been writing a blog as the main news feed on the site since the beginning in 2002 (yes, the site was up before we held the key to the gallery in our hands), and we want to continue with this tradition. It is simply the easiest way to keep you updated about what we're up to at the moment.

Everything else will come along the road: This new site deserves to grow natuarlly, and besides new features (or filling in blanks) we will also try to get our huge backlog of photos and the documentation of our past ventures onto the site. For the time being, we'll start with the "basics", which should be enough to keep you entertained for a while.

This Thursday we'll open our suitcases again - showing Boris Hoppek solo at the VOLTA NY art fair (Mar 4 - 7, 2010), and partnering up with the FactoryFresh Gallery in East-Williamsburg for a double show by Boris and Alex Diamond ("DAMAGE:CONTROL", opening Mar 5, 2010 at 8 pm).  

We'll keep you posted here. And via Twitter and Facebook, of course. Hopefully you like our new site, and don't hesitate to give us direct feedback by commenting, 'cos now, at heliumcowboy version 3.0, you can.



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