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Art & Beer collaboration: The Dirty Hands Of Alex Diamond

The Dirty Hands Of Alex Diamond: Label artwork by Alex Diamond

"Stay true. Be honest. Do it with passion or don‘t do it at all. And always get your hands dirty!"
(Alex Diamond)


A friendship born from the shared love of Beer, Fine Art and Craftsmanship - when Brewmaster Oliver Wesseloh and Artist Jörg Heikhaus aka Alex Diamond met a few years ago, they knew that some day they will have to combine their passion and create a very special and unique beer. 

In a collaborative effort of Kehrwieder Kreativbrauerei and heliumcowboy, Oliver and Alex went to create the beer recipe last year, test and improve it along the way, and finally started brewing this summer.

It is a limited edition Artist Beer - one where the artist not only made the label artwork but was involved in creating and producing the beer. The goal of the brewmaster and the artist was to make a beer that is inspired by the art of Alex Diamond itself. 


The result - a powerful and strong, truly handcrafted beer - will be publicly presented at our gallery in Hamburg on October 13 (6–10 PM).

Here's to the Facebook Event page.


At the presentation of this beer we will also launch an edition of 300 beer boxes containing 6 bottles and an 11-color silkscreen print of the label artwork (18 x 24 cm, signed and numbered by the artist and the brewer).

And that's not all - for the art enthusiast Alex Diamond produced one of his super rare hand pressed woodblock prints, also from the label artwork. This print is 30 x 40 cm large and is limited to only 20.


For pre-orders of the beer box edition please contact Julia from Kehrwieder Kreativbrauerei: braumeister@kreativbrauerei.de 

For pre-orders of the woodblock-print edition please get in touch with us the gallery: sales@heliumcowboy.com 

Read more about the whole project here.

Oliver Wesseloh (right) and Jörg Heikhaus aka Alex Diamond taking a break from brewing their first joint beer.




28.09.: heliumTALK #04 | Daniela Hinrichs 

Daniela Hinrichs, DEAR Photography, and Jörg Heikhaus (heliumcowboy)

It's time for heliumTALK #04! This time Jörg Heikhaus (heliumcowboy) and Jannes Vahl (clubkinder e.V.) are talking with Daniela Hinrichs, internationally acclaimed art collector and founder of DEAR Photography, a platform for Photography (online & offline).

As always you are welcome to watch the show live and ask your own questions at the heliumcowboy artspace:

Wednesday, September 28, starting at 7 PM (doors open at 6 PM).

The video above is a short introduction - Jörg met with Daniela in her showroom DEARphotography in Hamburg's Kontorhausviertel for a little teaser for the talkshow.

heliumTALK is a new format of televised art talks and a cooperation of TIDE TV, heliumcowboy & clubkinder e.V.


In der Sendung „heliumTALK - Das Kunstgespräch“ treffen sich Jörg Heikhaus, Gründer der Galerie heliumcowboy, und Jannes Vahl vom Clubkinder e.V. mit interessanten Menschen aus der Hamburger Kunst. Am 28. September ab 18 Uhr kommt Daniela Hinrichs, eine der einflussreichsten deutschen Sammlerinnen und Gründerin von DEAR Photography, einer Internetplattform für Fotografie (mit Ausstellungsraum im Kontorhausviertel) in den heliumcowboy artspace.

Vorab hat Jörg sie im Kontorhausviertel zu einem kleinen Vorgespräch besucht.

heliumTALK #04: Daniela Hinrichs

am 28. September 19 Uhr (Einlaß 18 Uhr), heliumcowboy artspace, Bäckerbreitergang 75, 20355 Hamburg.

heliumTALK ist ein gemeinsames Format von TIDE, heliumcowboy und dem Clubkinder e.V..




Drunter & Drüber | Neustadt-Festival opening hours

Artwork by Olly Fathers, Photo by JUlia Schwendner / ThisIsJulia Photography. Click image to view the Artwork Portfolio of this exhibition.

The "Drunter & Drüber" Neustadt-Festival is on this weekend, so we have different opening hours this Friday and Saturday as well as a guided tour for our exhibition TRACES OF MINIMALISM, featuring artwork by Olly Fathers, Alan Steele, Yukako Shibata, DongHwa Lee, Swen Kählert and Tanja Soler Zang.

For the complete Program of the Festival, please check this website: DRUNTER & DRÜBER 

Here's more info on the guided tour to all galleries in the quarter: Gallery Walk / Galerien-Staffellauf

Opening hours of the gallery:

Friday, Sept 16: 4–9 PM

Saturday: Sept 17: 2–7 PM


Images from the opening of "Traces of Minimalism" are online  here.

You can view the exhibited artwork by clicking here.


Traces of Minimalism: Photos & Artwork online


Great photos from the vernissage can be found by clicking the image above. Photos by Julia Schwendner / ThisIsJulia Photography

Images from the opening of "Traces of Minimalism" are now online, just click this link or the image above!

You can also view the exhibited artwork by clicking here (or on the portfolio below).


curated by Lavinia Rosen




Opening hours: Thursdays & Fridays: 1–7 PM, Saturdays: Noon – 6 PM



Artists & gallery crew: (from left to right) Swen Kählert, Tanja Soler Zang, DongWha Lee, Yukako Shibata, Jörg Heikhaus, Lavinia Rosen and Olly Fathers.


Setting up the show: TRACES OF MINIMALISM

Setting up: Tanja Soler Zang installing her work at the gallery for Traces Of MInimalism. Click image to subscribe to the vent on Facebook. 

Dear friends of the gallery,

we hope you all had some time to relax and enjoy the summer these past weeks! We are back at the gallery, preparing for our next exhibition TRACES OF MINIMALISM.

Minimalism? At heliumcowboy? Well yes!

Why? Why not - we believe in the diversity of art and we have always gone out of our way to bring the best and most interesting talent to Hamburg, irrespective of labels or stereotypes.

And - we are starting a new series of exhibitions for which we invite external curators to take over our space. So its only fitting that we break some standards from the start. 

When we asked young gallerist Lavinia Rosen to be the curator of the first exhibition of the series, she came up with the beautiful concept for TRACES OF MINIMALISM and the potential this title offers. She selected a group of six international artists from Japan, Korea, UK, USA and Germany, travelled to meet with them and selected artwork that meets her high artistic demands for the show.

And it looks great while it is all coming together at the gallery now during installation! We are very excited to show this to you, so come by this Thursday between 6 and 10 pm for the Vernissage of the exhibition.

If you want to learn more about the artists, please visit our website. We will continously post new images and information on our Facebook and Instagram pages. And if you are interested in pre-viewing the available artwork, please get in touch with us at sales@heliumcowboy.com.

See you Thursday!  

Yukako Shibata and Swen Kaehlert during set up. Click image to subscribe to the Vernissage on Facebook. 






curated by Lavinia Rosen, featuring artists


Opening hours: Thursdays & Fridays: 1–7 PM, Saturdays: Noon – 6 PM

Subscribe to Facebook Event here

Artwork Detail from "Palm Lined Streets" by Olly Fathers. Click image to view the Facebook Event for this exhibition.

Starting this fall, heliumcowboy will present a few shows put together by guest curators, challenging and enriching our galleries' program and the local art scene of Hamburg.

Beginning with TRACES OF MINIMALISM by curator Lavinia Rosen, we immediately embark on a rather exceptional path, featuring carefully selected modern minimalist art by Alan Steele (USA), Donghwa Lee (Südkorea), Olly Fathers (UK), Swen Kählert (Hamburg), Yukako Shibata (Japan) and Tanja Soler Zang.

more info


Finissage this Friday, July 22, 6-10 PM: 142 Jahre Kunst in Hamburg

Exhibition view "142 Jahre Kunst in Hamburg"

We are happy to invite you to the Finissage of the exhibition "142 Jahre Kunst in Hamburg" next Friday, July 22nd from 6 to 10 pm.

Jointly with fellow Hamburg galleries Feinkunst Krüger, Evelyn Drewes Galerie, Kramer Fine Art, Die Hamburger Galerie, Die Schlumper, Galerie der Villa, Galerie Herold, Galerie Kai Erdmann, Millerntor Gallery, OZM and the Affenfaust Galerie (who also organize and host this exhibition), we are welcoming you to the closing event of this remarkable and must-see Gallery Group Exhibition.

(view this event on Facebook)




Images from the exhibition 

Artwork overview / Pricelist 


"142 Jahre Kunst in Hamburg" runs until July 24 and is open every week until then on: 

Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday from 2 to 6 pm. 

heliumcowboy is proud to present new work by artists 


Location: Affenfaust Galerie, Paul-Rosen-Straße 43, 22767 Hamburg


Jaybo Monk at "142 Jahre Kunst in Hamburg"

Not many of you may know this, but showing the work of artist Jaybo Monk with heliumcowboy has been a wish of mine for many years now. So you can believe how stoked I am that Jaybo gave us some brand new artwork to exhibit at the current gallery group exhibition "142 Jahre Kunst in Hamburg" (until July 24, open every Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday from 2-6 pm).

Jaybo is an exceptional artist with an more than exciting history. He has that combination of wit and wisdom that mirrors in his work, but also makes him a great person to be around. His style is unique and unmatched, and I personally see a beautiful combination of melancholic and romantic surrealistic imagery with an urban-erratic touch in both his paintings and drawings. And well, his objects are again a completely different approach to making us stop, breathe in and think for a moment in our hectic lives ... 

His work is exhibited by influential galleries, such as Kallenbach in Amsterdam, Soze in Los Angeles, Black Book Gallery in Denver or Benoni in Copenhagen (to name a few), and is hanging in important collections, most noteably maybe music producer Swizz Beats' "The Dean Collection" in New York or at the house of Timbaland. Jaybo Monk is an active, socially engaged mind and part of the artist collective "Agents of Change".

Famous collectors from the world of music: Timbaland (left) and Swizz Beats (right) with Jaybo Monk.

Whitewall magazine described his art pretty well in this feature:

„The creations of Jaybo Monk are ambiguous yet hauntingly powerful and of great visual impact. Creating his own version of beauty, narration and meaning, Jaybo Monk is the spokesman of both dreams and reality. In a world where there is absolutely nothing new to be said or done, Monk leaves the rules behind and dedicates himself to the concepts of the original, the chaotic, the insane and the irrational.”

For our exhibition here in Hamburg, Jaybo Monk created 3 Diptychs - wooden frames connected by hinges, so you can open and close the artworks like a book. One side always presents the advertising posters for The Daily Sun, a tabloid in Cape Town, with a crude headline that seems to make sense only in a surreal way. The other side of the Diptych then presents a drawing by Jaybo in which he tries to translate these headlines into his own interpretations of their meaning. 

JAYBO MONK: Monkey Muthi Terror! (2016). Collected poster from Daily Sun (Cape Town), graphite on 220g Fabriano, wood, glass, 106 x 72 x 3 cm | 2.000 € |  Click image to send us a mail and check for availability of the work of Jaybo Monk

One thing I am always telling people is that you need to view artwork in person when you have the chance. That was one of the reasons why I founded heliumcowboy almost 15 years ago, so that more people get to see great international art face-to-face here in Hamburg. Forget the Internet, it can only serve as am amuse gueule and an event planner when it comes to art! Having the opportunity to see the work of Jaybo Monk in our town is a rare thing, so if you haven't had a chance to check it out - now is the time!!!

Jörg Heikhaus

PS: All details of the exhibition can be found here.

PPS: The artwork portfolio of the work by all the six artists we exhibit at the show is online here.

PPPS: If you are interested in purchasing work and/or want to make an appointment for a personal tour with me - get in touch here!


Artwork by Jaybo Monk from "Nowhere is now here", oil, spray paint, enamels on canvas 2015Artwork by Jaybo Monk from "Nowhere is now here", oil, spray paint, enamels on canvas 2015 








142 Jahre Kunst in Hamburg: Artwork Portfolio

Click image to launch the online portfolio featuring artwork by Jaybo Monk, Boris Hoppek, Rune Christensen, Alex Diamond, Victor Castillo and Jay Olé.

The gallery group show "142 Jahre Kunst in Hamburg" features presentations of the galleries Affenfaust Galerie, Feinkunst Krüger, Evelyn Drewes Galerie, Kramer Fine Art, Die Hamburger Galerie, Die Schlumper, Galerie der Villa, Galerie Herold, Galerie Kai Erdmann, Millerntor Gallery, OZM. The event is organized by and takes place at the Affenfaust Galerie.

Exhibition from June 11–July 24 

Opening hours: Wednesday, Thursday & Saturday 11 am – 6 pm

Location: Affenfaust Galerie, Paul-Rosen-Straße 43, 22767 Hamburg

Facebook event



142 Jahre Kunst in Hamburg: Images online

Click image to see photos from the exhibition "142 Jahre Kunst in Hamburg".After a succesful and fun opening last Saturday of the gallery group show "142 Jahre Kunst in Hamburg" we've uploaded some photos from the exhibition and opening to our website, click image above or this link to see them all. 

The show features presentations of the galleries Affenfaust Galerie, Feinkunst Krüger, Evelyn Drewes Galerie, Kramer Fine Art, Die Hamburger Galerie, Die Schlumper, Galerie der Villa, Galerie Herold, Galerie Kai Erdmann, Millerntor Gallery, OZM. The event is organized by and takes place at the Affenfaust Galerie.

Exhibition from June 11–July 24 

Opening hours: Wednesday, Thursday & Saturday 11 am – 6 pm

Facebook event

A family affair: heliumcowboy Jörg Heikhaus (aka Alex Diamond) and his son Melvin running the show. (click image to see all photos)

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