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New artist: Mandy Tsung

Mandy Tsung: Repose; Oil on Wood, 36 x 28 cm, (2012) | click image above for more info on this workFrom time to time, we add a new discovery to our galleries' portfolio, and we are happy to say that we are currently showing 2 works by canadian artist Mandy Tsung in our showroom. Both works are on display at the gallery (please make an appointment) as well as in our online-gallery (link).

Mandy was actually staying at our gallery and the accompanying studio of The Alex Diamond Mining Company for a few days earlier this month, together with her partner, fellow artist Choplogic, so we had some time to find out what the hype is all about...

Mandy Tsung was born in Banff, Canada. In 2007, she graduated with a BFA from the Alberta College of Art and Design, where she majored in Sculpture. Since then, she has apprenticed under the abstract painter James Wyper, and has also learned the fine craft of kaleidoscope-making at ,Movement into Grace‘. In 2009, Mandy moved to Vancouver to pursue a full-time career as an artist. Her paintings have been exhibited in galleries across the United States and Canada.

About her art, Mandy says:

My work lies in the realm of figurative Surrealism and centers around the depiction of women who exude a strong sense of self, who are emotionally complex and yet vulnerable. Having been exposed to various depictions of women in the art and literature of my childhood, and now grown into a critical thinker, I am both influenced by, and critical of, the plenitude of imagery that surrounds me in everyday life.

My paintings offer a counter-point to the outward search for identity that exemplifies popular culture today - where we are lured to find ourselves in the commodities and media we consume. The subjects in my work resonate with that ineffable quality of self-awareness and empowerment which we all seek, without being surrounded by the merchandise that popular culture would have us believe is the source. The ethereal spaces from which they emerge are rooted in natural forms, but made surreal or abstract in order to move away from the recognizable into something unexpected and transformative.

Mandy Tsung, visiting the Alex Diamond Mining Company HQ this fall. Photo by Choplogic.The viewer is engaged to think more deeply about the person they see and perhaps they will discover something about themselves in the process. In creating paintings like this, I hope to inspire the viewer to discover within themselves the same energy they perceive in my work."



available work
artist website
Mandy Tsung on Facebook


DESIGNXPORT-Festival: Ltd. Edition Alex Diamond-Tee by Frohstoff

This limited edition T-shirt will be screen printed by Frohstoff during this weekend's Designxport Pop up-Festival (colors may vary)During the Designxport Pop-Up Festival in Hamburg's Neustadt this weekend, FROHSTOFF Siebdruck- & Textilmanufaktur produces live a limited edition screen printed shirt by Alex Diamond


Saturday, Oct 20, from 7 - 10 p.m.
Sunday, Oct 21, from 12 - 10 p.m. 

More info on the Designxport-Festival: designxport.de/



Jo Fischer: PSYCHO

© Jo Fischer 2012. FRom his latest project: PSYCHOCheck this link for Jo Fischer's latest project PSYCHO ... 


George Hearts Maria: Vernissage, part 2, at Reeperbahn-Festival

heliumcowboy is part of the upcoming Reeperbahn-Festival in Hamburg (next week), and we cordially invite you to a special 'Midissage' of our current exhibition GEORGE HEARTS MARIA, taking place Wednesday, September 19, from 7 - 11 p.m. Also, we'll have extended opening hours at the gallery Thursday & Friday (12 - 7 p.m.) and Saturday (12 - 8 p.m.).

Link to the festival program


Im Rahmen des Reeperbahn-Festivals findet in diesem Jahr ein großes Kunstprogramm mit 40 Veranstaltungen statt, an dem auch wir teilnehmen werden mit der MIDISSAGE unserer Ausstellung GEORGE HEARTS MARIA (19 - 23 Uhr) sowie erweiterten Öffnungszeiten von Donnerstag (20.09.) bis Samstag (22.09).

Am Mittwoch, den 19. September, zwischen 19 Uhr und 23 Uhr, eröffnen insgesamt 7 Galerien in der Neustadt - und es gibt auch wieder einen geführten Shuttle-Service zwischen den jeweiligen Veranstaltungsorten. 

Hier alle Daten:

Mittwoch, 19. September, 19 - 23 Uhr: Ausstellungseröffnungen in der Neustadt bei


Unsere Öffnungszeiten während des Festivals: 

DO 20.09. + FR 21.09.: 12 - 19 Uhr
SA 22.09.: 12 - 18 Uhr

Link zum Festival-Programm


George hearts Maria: Artwork & Exhibition photos

Ryan Brennan's "Mini Gallery" at heliumcowboy, hosting the works of 30 international artists. Click image to view the photos.It's done. After a week of installing, Ryan V. Brennan finished his amazing Mini-Gallery that he built for the group exhibition "George hearts Maria" within our space. With the help of fellow artist friends Beau Stanton and Zac Braun, Lori Zimmer (the show's curator) and Lynzy Blair of Guns and Butter Creative, the weathered exterior and pristine interior of the tiny exhibition space got ready just in time for the opening last Saturday.

Come around and take a look at it yourself, this will be on display at least throughout September, or check out the images online:

exhibited artwork (and pricelist) | exhibition views | construction & vernissage 


George hearts Maria: Setting up for Saturday

Work in progress: Ryan Brennan's mini-gallery for the exhibition "George hearts Maria" (click image to view more photos)This saturday we'll open "George hearts Maria", a group show curated by Lori Zimmer from art Nerd New York. Artist Ryan Brennan is currently setting up a mini-gallery inside our current show, which will host artworks from 30 international artists. Check out this link for photos from the installation of the gallery.  

More information as well as profiles from the participating artists can be found here.  


In the press: X-Ray Magazine

(click to view the full story at ralfbecker.com)

Ralf Becker from chromjuwelen featured us in an article for X-Ray Magazine about "Motorkultur in Hamburg". Read about it at ralfbecker.com or the full article here.

Thanx a million!

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George hearts Maria: Artist profiles, Part XI

Today we introduce you to Trong Nguyen and Alex Diamond. You can see their artworks in our upcoming exhibition opening September 1st at George hearts Maria

Trong Nguyen

Trong Nguyen: Orphic Rug, acrylic and oil paint, 168 x 85cm, 2011

Born in Vietnam, artist and curator Trong now resides in Brooklyn, New York. He has exhibited his work extensively including solo shows at Galerie Quynh in Vietnam in 2009 and the Fruit & Flower Deli in New York in 2008. His group exhibitions include Satellites at the Freies Museum in Berlin, Sequences in Iceland, and Performa in New York. His projects have been reviewed in the New York Times, Time Out New York, Paper, Village Voice, and many other publications. Recently, Trong finished writing a "lost chapter" to The Da Vinci Code based on the secret love life of Marcel Duchamp. He is currently working on a "metaphysical GPS" application for the iPhone and his artist-as-company project, Humanitarians Not Heroes. He is the East Coast editor for popular art publication Art Slant, and was a contestant on Bravo TV’s reality show, “Work of Art: The Next Great Artist.”

Sein Tätigkeitsbereich ist umfangreich und verschiedendartig. Erst vor Kurzem verfasste Trong Nguyen ein Kapitel zum Da Vinci Code, das von einer verloren gegangenen Geschichte über Marcel Duchamps verborgenen Liebesleben handelt. Momentan brütet der Künstler und Kurator über einer "metaphysischen GPS-App" für das iPhone und arbeitet an der Weiterentwicklung seines Projektes "Humanitarians Not Heroes".

Der gebürtige Vietnamese ist der zuständige Redakteur für die US-amerikanische Ostküste des Pop-Art-Magazins Art Slant (wie so viele andere Künstler auch lebt Nguyen in Brooklyn). Darüber hinaus nahm er an der Realityshow "Work of Art: The Next Great Artist" von Bravo TV teil. Seine Kunstwerke wurden in Einzelausstellungen in den Jahren 2008 bei Fruit & Flower Deli in New York und 2009 in der Galerie Quynh in Vietnam ausgestellt. Dazu kommen Gruppenausstellungen wie "Satellites" im Freien Museum in Berlin, "Sequences" in Island und "Performa" in New York. Die New York Times, Time Out New York, Paper, Village Voice und einige andere Publikationen rezensierten seine Projekte. 

artist website


Alex Diamond

Alex Diamond: The Lions Eye, ink, acrylic and coffee on driftwood, 20 x 15 x 9, 2012"The Alex Diamond Mining Company" is the latest chapter in the unusual story of Alex Diamond, an artist project that has been evading the definition of a fixed personality "behind the pictures" since it was conceived by Jörg Heikhaus and heliumcowboy in 2004. The TADMC advances the project with the broader base of an "artist-run cooperation".

The work created here develops iteratively in a process that is strongly influenced by tradition and craftsmanship. This can be seen in the works themselves, in how they are realised, in rooms and spaces, collected material, multiples, and editions. Works on and with wood; paintings with acrylics and spray cans as base for complex wood cuts; photographs, which are painted over; vintage block printing; furniture, installations, and complete rooms entirely out of wood - the extensive and technically wide opus made him into an acclaimed artists of this generation. Alex Diamond exhibited widely in Germany as well as in the USA, Spain and Switzerland.

Alex Diamond ist eine fiktive Kunstfigur, ein Künstlerprojekt, dass sich seit seiner Erschaffung durch Jörg Heikhaus und heliumcowboy im Jahr 2004 der Definition einer festgelegten Persönlichkeit „hinter den Bildern“ entzieht. Die 2010 gegründete ,The Alex Diamond Mining Company‘ (TADMC) ist das neueste Kapitel einer ungewöhnlichen Geschichte, mit der das Projekt eine breitere Basis im Stile einer „artist run corporation“ erhielt.

Das Atelier von Alex Diamond und der TADMC ist in den Werkstätten der Galerie heliumcowboy in der Hamburger Neustadt untergebracht. Das hier entstehende Werk entwickelt sich im Laufe der Zeit iterativ und in einem stark traditionell und handwerklich geprägten Prozess, sowohl im Bezug auf die Arbeiten als auch auf das Umsetzungsverfahren und die Räume und Orte. Arbeiten mit und auf Holz, Malerei und Spüharbeiten als Grundlage aufwändiger Holzschnitte, Fotografie, die übermalt und überzeichnet wird, historische Handdruckverfahren, Installationen, Möbel und ganze Räume aus Restholz - ein sehr umfangreiches und technisch variables Werk hat Alex Diamond in den letzten Jahren auch international zu einer wichtigen Stimme seiner Generation werden lassen, mit Galerieausstellungen in den USA, Spanien, der Schweiz und natürlich Deutschland. 

artist website


George hearts Maria: artist profiles, part X

Today's part of the introduction of the artists exhibiting in GEORGE HEARTS MARIA, our upcoming exhibition opening September 1st, we present Ryan V. Brennan and Jonathan Grassi.

Ryan Brennan: Every Adjective All At Once, collage, spray paint, thread, wood, plastic, 74 x 46 x 25cm, 2010

Ryan V. Brennan

For his work Ryan V. Brennan, who was born in Cincinnati, Ohio 1982, received the Jonathan Madrigano Fellowship for The Arts through the National Arts Club in 2010 and also was the recipient of a full fellowship to the Vermont Studio Center in 2006. He has exhibited nationally in New York City, Chicago, Brooklyn, San Francisco, Miami and Richmond and internationally in Germany, France and Taiwan. In 2011, he exhibited with the BMW Guggenheim Lab and had a solo museum show at Real Art Ways in Hartford, Connecticut. He has shown in Scope New York, Scope Miami and Scope Hamptons as well as LA Art Fair.

Also he has been featured in a variety of publications including The New York Times, Beautiful Decay LA, Daily Serving, The Sunday Paper Atlanta, Biscayne Times Miami and Savannah Morning News. He graduated his BFA at Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia. But about what kind of art are we talking at all? Brennan is a multi-media guy, he creates collages just as installations and video collages, always various media in mind. He really likes craft, but if craft doesn't transport the message he rather switches to a more appropriate material. 

Für seine Arbeit erhielt Ryan V. Brennan schon 2006, kurz nach seinem Abschluss am Savannah Collage of Art and Design, eine Mitgliedschaft für das Vermont Studio Center und war 2010 erneut Empfänger vom Jonathan Madrigano Fellowship of The Arts, welche ihm der National Arts Club ermöglichte. Der 1982 in Cincinnati, Ohio geborene Künstler beteiligte sich an nationalen (in New York City, Chicago, Brooklyn, San Francisco, Miami und Richmond) sowie an internationalen Ausstellungen in Deutschland, Frankreich und in Taiwan. Im letzen Jahr stellte er mit dem BMW Guggenheim Lab aus. In Hartford, Connecticut widmete man ihm eine Einzelausstellung bei Real Art Ways. Seine Kunst war auf Kunstmessen wie der Scope in New York, Miami und in den Hamptons und der LA Art Fair zu sehen. Sein Werk wurde in zahlreichen Publikationen vorgestellt.

Ryan Brennan ist ein vielseitiger Künstler, er erschafft Collagen ebenso wie Installationen und Video-Collagen, und ist ein begeisterter Handwerker. Für "George hearts Maria" baut Ryan in Hamburg den victorianischen Salon, der in den Räumen von heliumcowboy errichtet wird und als Galerie-in-der-Galerie die Ausstellung beherbergt.  

artist website

Jonathan Grassi

Jonathan Grassi: 003 Joey < Tim - date - 2012, 9 x 13cm, 2012The photographer Jonathan Grassi is known for focusing on the complex interplay of control and liberation. Most recently, he has been photographing people being tickled, documenting their reactions, their spasms and laughter. Labeled by Surface Magazine as an Avant Guardian, Grassi has exhibited work at The Brooklyn Museum, Apex Art and Real Art Ways.

Bekannt ist Jonathan Grassi für seinen Schwerpunkt auf dem Zusammenspiel von Kontrolle und Loslassen. Erst vor Kurzem hat er Personen abgelichtet, die durchgekitzelt wurden, dokumentierte ihre Reaktionen, ihre Gänsehaut und ihr herzhaftes Lachen. Der in New York lebende Fotograf wurde ausgesucht, um für das heißbegehrte, jährliche Avant Guardian-Projekt des Surface Magazine zu fotografieren und stellte seine Arbeiten bereits im Brooklyn Museum, Apex Art und Real Art Ways aus.

artist website


George hearts Maria: artist profiles, part IX

Introducing today: Zac Braun and T.B. Lambergini,  - two of the artists taking part in our upcoming exhibition GEORGE HEARTS MARIA, opening September 1st.

Zac Braun: I Only Read It For Pictures, paper on panel, 27 x 27cm, 2011

Zac Braun


Pulling inspiration from both his engineering background and the city around him, Zac sets out to reconstruct a style that reflects man-made construction and natural decay. Whether the medium is text, paint or miscellaneous objects, Zac uses a set of repetitive and structured techniques that have limited to no controlled output. It is the monotony of this seemingly repetitive style that compels the viewer to discover the unique distinctions in each piece, while focusing on the overall process and its reflection of the theme; structure vs. destruction.

Was Zac Braun inspiriert sind vor allem zwei Dinge: sein Hintergrundwissen als Ingenieur und die Stadt, die ihn umgibt (momentan ist das NYC). Seine Handschrift drückt sich in der Fusion von künstlich Erschaffenem und natürlichem Abfall aus. Seine Methoden wiederholen sich in verschiedenen Mitteln, sei es in Text, Malerei oder anderen Techniken. Diese repetative Monotonie zwingt den Betrachter dazu, die Unterschiede der jeweiligen Werke in den feinen Einzelheiten zu suchen. Nur die Anerkennung des Gesamtwerkes führt zum Erfassen des Themas: es geht um Struktur und Dekonstruktion.

artist website


T.B. Lambergini

T.B. Lamergini: Too Lazy to Bundle Up on a Sunday Morning, ink and china marker on Vellum, 22 x 28cm

T.B. Lambergini is a Brooklyn based artist. He received a B.A. in Studio Art from Bard College and a M.A. in Art Education from Brooklyn College. He has shown work in New York, NY and Los Angeles, CA. He currently lives and works in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn NY.

T.B. Lambergini absolvierte seinen Bachelor in Studio Art am Bard College und seinen Master in Art Education am Brooklyn College. Dort lebt und arbeitet er auch zur Zeit. Seine Kunstwerke waren bislang in New York und Los Angeles zu sehen.


artist website


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