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PREVIEW Berlin: The images

The fairs in Berlin are over, and we had a great time at PREVIEW, taking place at the historic Tempelhof Airport. Represented artists at our booth this year were Jeremy Fish, Jo Fischer, Alex Diamond, Boris Hoppek, Nina Braun and Victor Castillo. 

We've uploaded some photos taken during the art fair to our Digilog here at the site - check this link to see them all.


What really happened. 

Jeremy Fish and me handing over all responsibility to Willi, the gnome. Click image to see all pics from the opening. Photo by Jon Dragonette.Now this has been featured over at No New Enemies this weekend. It's from the long email I sent to Harlan Levey when he asked how things went ... a personal recap of the weeks and days before the big reopening of our new gallery with Jeremy Fish's "The Road Less Travelled".

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Come in, we're open: Pictures from the Vernissage.

Click image above to see all the photos from setting up the show and the vernissage on May 29.What a night! A big big thank you goes out to everyone who came, and those who supported us in bringing it all together and finishing in time for the opening! Jeremy Fish's exhibition "The Road Less Taveled" is a fantastic opener for our new gallery space, truly amazing work! We had a great time setting it all up, thanks so much Mr. Fish for all the nightshifts and hard work you put into it! Okay, I'll stop with the exclamation marks now!!!!

We uploaded some pictured from the set up and from the vernissage, click the image above or this link to see them all. 

You can visit the exhibition Tuesdays to Fridays from 11 am - 7 pm. The construction work will still go on for a while, but we'll be there if you want to look at the show. If in doubt, send us a mail or call 0151-12 7373 69 and make out an appointment with us. 


Jeremy Fish: Third nightshift.

Click image to see all new photos at our facebook page.

Almost done. Willi the dwarf (not in the picture) takes over the brushes during the last and final night before our grand opening this evening. Jon & Jeremy can get a rest now (picture taken around midnight on May 28).


Jeremy Fish: Second nightshift.

Click image to see all new photos at our facebook page.

Posted some new pictures from this night over at our facebook page. Jeremy and Jon continued working on the big Hamburg painting and Willi, the dwarf.

What a night. Taking photos at our galleries spaceship. Having a Jeremy Fish-branded beer. Watching these guys (while chatting with them and taking pictures) getting the work done. Jeremy and Jon are creating probably the the biggest reflection of a trip to our city (all the way from San Francisco) any artist has ever done at this gallery ... thanks guys. I have the best job ever.


Jeremy Fish: First nightshift.

Willi throwing some punches. Uploaded some first pictures from setting up the show with Jeremy Fish to our facebook page. Jeremy and Jon Dragonette are still preparing most work in our temporary disco transit location (awesome place by the way), because we can only start working in the new space from thursday on. Well. We'll still be ready for you guys for the grand opening on Saturday. Just wait and see. 

 (photos © heliumcowboy)


Jeremy Fish, by Jo Fischer

Photo @ Jo FischerJeremy Fish at our gallery, shot by Jo Fischer ... you might think there's a concept behind it, looks like we're chosing artists by similarities between their names these days ...



The journey's of Jeremy Fish: More images from Cologne

Jeremy Fish get's his picture taken at ArtFarty-Gallery in cologne (photo courtesy of the Gallery)Just found some more images from Jeremy Fish's Germany Tour at ArtyFarty-Galleries' facebook site, and some excellent On The Road-shots by Jon Dragonette, the photographer who is accompanying Jeremy on his travels. Click on the images to see them all. 

 Exhibition setup-Photo by Jon Dragonette. Click image to visit his site.


Grand reopening & Jeremy Fish: the posters are here.

click image to enlargeAs the grand reopening and the vernissage of Jeremy Fish's "The road less traveled", our first exhibition at the new space, is moving closer, we are getting more and more excited every day. Especially as there are still so many obstacles in the way that we have to resolve until then. Well. Anyone who has ever built his own house knows what I am talking about ... okay, so replace "excited" with "nervous". 

Anyway. We WILL open Jeremy's show on May 29, no matter what. So leave the worries to us and enjoy the poster for the show that just arrived from the printers and will be up in the city shortly before the opening date. Leftovers will be available for free at the opening. 

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Jeremy Fish is coming to town.

As a teaser for the opening of our new space end of may in Hamburg: we found this great video by Upperplayground/Walrus TV about Jeremy Fish, the first artist to exhibit at the new heliumcowboy artspace this year. 

Can't tell you how happy I am to being able to show with Jeremy. And I seriously start to consider moving the gallery to San Francisco ... working out of the back of your Dodge Van overlooking the beach? Skateboarding a converted attaché case that would make James Bond jealous? Come on ...

More interesting features about Jeremy Fish can be found at The Citrus Report. And don't miss his blog at Juxtapoz. Well, there is so much stuff out there, just google the guy and you are entertained for the rest of the week.