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Herr Fischer bittet zu Tisch: MILLERNTOR GALLERY special

'Herr Fischer bittet zu Tisch' at the MILLERNTOR GALLERY #03, May 2013. © Jo FischerJo Fischer set up his project 'Herr Fischer bittet zu Tisch' at the MILLERNTOR GALLERY #03 in Hamburg in May - and posted a big update on his facebook page. You can check all the images out here.


Cookies for Christmas.

A Merry Christmas & a PSYCHONOISEDESIRE New Year!!It's about time we are closing up this year ... it was a rush and a kick, once again, it was tough and beautiful and just another rollercoaster ride, and everyone here at the Ranch and affiliated with us deserves a time out for the holiday season ...

We'll be at the gallery until Friday, Dec 21st, and after that only occasional and by appointment, if you are interested in seeing some of the artwork we are showing right now at PSYCHONOISEDESIRE, or hold on to in our storage. Drop us a mail!

And most importantly: Enjoy your Christmas! 



This Saturday, Dec 15: PSYCHONOISEDESIRE - Finissage & Glühwein

Dear Friends,

this is our last and final event this year: Saturday, December 15, from 1 - 7 pm, we'll invite you to the Finissage of our current exhibition PSYCHONOISEDESIRE, featuring 3 more or less individual shows with new work by Jo Fischer (PSYCHO), ADAMEVA (NOISE) and Alex Diamond (DESIRE).

Over the past 10 years, it has been our custom here at heliumcowboy to invite you all over for some complimentary Glühwein & Cookies before Christmas. So if you are in town, and want to see the exhibition one last time in its complete state, or just want to grab a last drink with us before leaving for your well deserved holiday celebrations, drop by on Saturday!

Looking forward to seeing y'all there!




(click images to see more photos from the opening & the exhibition)

PSYCHONOISEDESIRE opened its doors last Saturday with a blast, now you can enjoy some images from the Vernissage, the Exhibition and the Artwork. Just follow these links:

Exhibition views and Vernissage photos

Available artwork

PSYCHO: Jo FischerNOISE: AdamevaDESIRE: Alex Diamond



Group shot at the Vernissage, Saturday Nov 24. Photo by Jaya Suberg.

Thanks to all of you for coming to our opening of the exhibition PSYCHONOISEDESIRE last Saturday and for making it unforgettable!!! Thankyou ADAMEVA & Jo Fischer for your heart and soul and your wonderful art!!!
This is why we do it. 
More images soon, but not today, 'cos the sun is out and we'll take the day off!!!
PPS: For visiting the show, please notify us via email or the contact form 



Next exhibition: PSYCHONOISEDESIRE, Nov 24

On November 24, starting at 8 p.m., we will open our last exhibition in 2012: PSYCHONOISEDESIRE presents new artwork by ADAMEVA, Jo Fischer and Alex Diamond.

For this show we will divide our space in three areas for solo-presentations of these artists, each going their very own individual way of presenting their latest work: 

Enter a very unique Psychobilly-Club, created by Jo Fischer as framework for his new photographic project about the european Psychobilly-scene ('PSYCHO'). Take a trip into the powerful, explosive, and pop-noisy world of Mary & Larissa, the artist duo known as ADAMEVA ('NOISE'). And be part of the sublime premiere of the newest  'Photo Drawings' by Alex Diamond in a very classy, reduced and elegant "white cube"-style gallery setting ('DESIRE').

More information and updates about this exhibition as we roll along, either here at heliumcowboy.com and/or on facebook / twitter.


Jo Fischer: PSYCHO

© Jo Fischer 2012. FRom his latest project: PSYCHOCheck this link for Jo Fischer's latest project PSYCHO ... 


Herr Fischer bittet zu Tisch: The Video

Herr Fischer bittet zu Tisch from faust & heisler on Vimeo.

For more then two years photographer Jo Fischer is touring Germany with his project "Herr Fischer bittet zu Tisch". He invites people to take a seat at his table, arranging characteristic pictures of people within seconds - and with one shot only. Already more than 1.800 guests sat at the always same wooden table in front of plain backcloth. Since the beginning, the setting (table & background) has been arranged in more than 20 cities in Germany and Switzerland. This project is an ongoing process, and is planned to visit many other places and possibly countries in the future.

From housewifes to kids, rockers & burlesque dancers, blue- or white-collar workers: Everybody is invited to bring their own personality to the table. The results are a a cross section through society as portraits in black & white.

On April 28, 2012 "Herr Fischer bittet zu Tisch" was arranged at the Hamburger Deichtorhallen as part of the "Lange Nacht der Museen" ("Night of the Museums"), and while thousands of people visited this event, between 8 p.m. and midnight over 150 of them took the opportunity and sat down at Jo's table, getting their photo taken - and taking a printout with them right away.

faust&heisler accompanied Jo the whole day long, documenting a busy and crazy day in the life of "Herr Fischer bittet zu Tisch".


Music by szdl
"batteries", "glass" taken from the slow EP



A summer with old friends.

Detail of an Installation by Nina Braun in the foreground, and a bunch of other Cowboys in the back. (click image to view more images from the show)

Summer is here, and we've put a great collection of works by heliumcowboy artists up on our walls to sweeten this time even more. The show is called "Ein Sommer mit alten Freunden" (A Summer with old friends"), because we exhibit a selection of works that were created between 2006 and 2012 from our resident artists that we will never get tired of showing.


In case you are interested in purchasing any of the works, please contact us by mail or via facebook. A pricelist can be downloaded here.

SEPTEMBER 1st: Art Nerd Invasion presents: 


We'll have guests here on the ranch in September: Art Nerd New York's Lori Zimmer sets up a gallery in our gallery for the show "George Hearts Maria" ...

... curated by Lori & featuring works by Allison Sommers, Barnaby Whitfield, Beau Stanton, Elizabeth Winnel, Fred Caron, Ian Kuali’I, Ian Larsen, Jason Botkin, Jean Labourdette/Turf1, Jon Burgerman, Jonathan Grassi, Jon Todd, Marne Lucas, Michael Mararian, Molly Crabapple, Rebecca Reeve, RIPO, Ryan V. Brennan, Shark Toof, Travis Louie, Trong Nguyen and Zac Braun. 

check this link for more info.


The show is over ... but big things coming up.

(click image to view photos from the exhibition)Our fantastic exhibition with artist duo ADAMEVA is over. Since April 7, we've been living in 60ies-meets-80ies-meets-pop-art-of-today frenzy here on the Ranch. heliumcowboy loves ADAMEVA, and we're all so happy that you've grazed this place with your wonderful art. 

After removing miles and miles of Gaffa-tape from the walls and getting them back to gallery standards (erm ... white), next week we'll set up an in-between group show for the duration of summer. It's going to be a blend of works from our resident artists like Nina Braun, Jo Fischer, Alex Diamond, Jon Burgerman - and we also continue to show some paintings by ADAMEVA. More info soon.

End of August/early September we'll have very special guests here from New York: Lori Zimmer will be curating a spectacular group exhibition, set up in an evenly spectacular environment (build by Ryan Brennan) inside our gallery. The show opens September 1st, and we'll let you know more about all this shortly.

On October 6, Feinkunst Krüger, Das Magazin (run by der artlawyer) and heliumcowboy will kick off the 2nd gallery walk within the borders of Hamburg-Neustadt. This time, we'll have a few other art places on the route as well ...

At heliumcowboy, we'll celebrate this event by inviting a big line-up of international artists to our city, joined by some of our regulars. They will create a very intense gallery experience for our guests that night, just through the intensity of their work. All the different angles and styles we'll combine in this exhibition will present an amazing showcase, giving a great insight into an established contemporary art scene of today that still has the sweet taste of underground between its fangs. 

Funny blog post, teasing you with amazing shows - without any artist names. We are still in the process of outlining the final details for the exhibitions in September and October, so we will keep quiet a short while longer. No worries, it'll be worth the wait.