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Alex Diamond: Magazine Drawing #100

Alex Diamond Magazine Drawing #100 - the final magazine drawing that will be available through etsy.com

This is it. Magazine Drawing #100 by Alex Diamond has just been published. This will be the final Magazine Drawing that will be available through etsy.com, along with the remaining drawings on that site. At the end of the week, this shop on etsy will be closed, and the Magazine Drawings will return to the Galleries working with the artist. 

There's only a few Magazine Drawings left in the shop, make sure to check it our before the weekend:
Alex Diamond Magazine Drawings (link).

November will see the first new series of Magazine Drawings outside of the internet, at bloom / artfair21 in Cologne, where Alex Diamond will be represented by ,Die Kunstagentin‘.

When starting again with the magazine drawings in may this year after a 5-year break, we saw an outburst of the raw simplicity and directness in creating this part of Alex Diamond's work - the instinctive, rough drawings over magazine pages or photographs, which use just a tiny fraction of the tools and styles Alex Diamond has been applying in his work these past years, and probably in the simplest and purest form.

The response to this project was overwhelming. Selling exclusively at low prices through etsy.com (approx. 5 times below Alex Diamond‘s market standards), the Magazine Drawings went very fast from day one. This project, running completely outside of any gallery‘s reach (or jurisdiction ;), was planned to be capped once the 100th drawing was online, after which the Magazine Drawings will be sold at their standard value through galleries again.

However, there is already a new idea for an internet based art project in the tank, and that will most likely also happen on etsy (and in the real world) early next year, so stay tuned, either here or on alexdiamond.net!


Jo Fischer & Alex Diamond collaboration.

 (Alex Diamond & Jo Fischer, "Va Belou", drawing with ink pens on ORIGINAL JO FISCHER PHOTOGRAPHY (Giclée on Tetenal semi matt paper 240gr, 21 x 29,7 cm, 2012)Alex Diamond's Magazine Drawings are back: between 2007 - 2008, Diamond produced a large quantity of these drawings for exhibitions in Hamburg and New York, which sold out immediately. Drawn straight into the magazines with fine ink pens, they are on-the-road, instant artworks. 

Since today, three very unique drawings are online: for the first time, Alex Diamond collaborates with Jo Fischer, applying the same style and technique as in the magazine drawings series over original photographs by Jo. These works come signed by both artists.

The Magazine Drawings-series run outside of most of the things Alex Diamond does, and you can only purchase them through his online-shop at etsy.com. Better be quick, they tend to sell out fast. However, the shop is updated with new work quite frequently.

(Alex Diamond & Jo Fischer, "ADAMEVA", drawing with ink pens on ORIGINAL JO FISCHER PHOTOGRAPHY (Giclée on Tetenal semi matt paper 240gr, 21 x 29,7 cm, 2012)