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July 15 – August 26, 2017
Open Thursdays & Fridays 1 pm - 6 pm
and by appointment

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Video from the opening:


4000 * 56K/Ole Utikal * ADAMEVA * Adrian Landon Brooks * Alex Diamond * Alekseij Mirnij * Andrea Wan * Antonio Santin * Beau Stanton * Ben Tolman * Ben Venom * Boris Hoppek * Casey McKee * Christophe Lambert * David Shillinglaw * Elmar Lause * Frank Rösner * Gary Taxali * Heiko Müller * Heiko Zahlmann * Jan Kaláb * Henning Kles * Jade Townsend * Jay Olé  * Jaybo Monk * Jeff Soto * Jens Rausch * Jeremy Fish * Jim Avignon * Jo Fischer * Jon Burgerman * Jon Todd * Julia Benz * Mario Kleinschmidt * Mercedes Helnwein * melv12  * Michel Lamoller * Mikael Takács * Milos Koptak * Miroir Noir * moki * Morten Andersen * Pandarosa * Rai Escalé * Rainer Boronowski * Rune Christensen * Ryan Monahan * Samuel Basset * Stefan Groenveld * The London Police * Victor Castillo * Volkano * Will Barras * Zezão 

Opening reception  July 15, 2017, 3 PM – 10 PM

Duration Juli 15 – August 26, 2017

Opening hours: Thursdays & Fridays from 1 – 6 PM, and by appointment.



Time flies … when in the year 2002 Jörg Heikhaus opened a small gallery in a very small space in Hamburg St. Pauli, it was experimental, it was different, it was the first of its kind in Germany, and one of very few like-minded artspaces in Europe. Now, 15 years later, this experiment has proven to be a global success and heliumcowboy is proud to say that it became a vital part in the foundation of one of the largest new movements in contemporary art today and is seen as a pioneer of a new format of art galleries.

It has been a long ride. It took us from St. Pauli into the world, to the crazy art hot spots Miami and New York, to Basel, London and other cities and countries that like to celebrate art. We moved in our beloved Underground and amongst the High Society of the so-called elite. But we‘ve always kept faithful to Hamburg, as our base and starting point for our adventures into the world of art.

A lot of things have happend, mostly good, some bad, and many things have changed over the years. It is an experience that created great moments for a lot of people - the many presented artists, the team of heliumcowgirls and -boys and the thousands of guests coming to our shows, the art fairs and projects. 

The best part: heliumcowboy is still here, and we are still going strong. And that is reason to celebrate! With the exhibition COWBOYLAND, for which our founder Jörg Heikhaus invited over 50 artists from around the world. Artists, that have been part of the development of the New Contemporary Art movement as well as those who are the future thereof. The anniversary exhibition will show artists that share history and stories with the gallery, legends and brothers in arms, as well as other recently discovered emerging talents who will be introduced to Hamburg for the first time. 

With all these artists, with our friends and hopefully many many guests we want to celebrate one and a half decades of young, urban, revolutionary, contemporary new art.



Saturday, July 15, 3 pm - 10 pm: On the day of the opening, we invite the whole family over to enjoy the show at the gallery and to a barbeque and kids entertainment organized by charity organisation Clubkinder e.V.. We are open from 3 pm in the afternoon until late. 

Friday, July 14, 6 pm - 9 pm: The evening before the opening we host another edition of heliumTALK, the art talk TV show of Jannes Vahl from clubkinder and Jörg Heikhaus. Our guest tonight: Ralf Krüger (Feinkunst Krüger). Ralf has been even longer in the business than Jörg - he opened his gallery 19 years ago. Together they will review almost 2 decades of gallery life in Hamburg. Needless to say that Ralf and Jörg have always shared a common goal - support the art and the artists and make great exhibitions for Hamburg and beyond. And despite being in the same shark tank, they have been close friends for almost 15 years now and have a lot of stories to tell.

The show will be recorded for television by TIDE TV. Doors open at 6 pm, the talk starts at 7 pm. It will take place inside the exhibition at the gallery.

There will be other program throughout the duration of the exhibition. Latest information can always be found at heliumcowboy.com, facebook.com/heliumcowboy and instagram.com/heliumcowboy.



Mercedes Heinwein

Can’t say enough how happy we are to be able to show you a new work by Mercedes Helnwein again! One of our favourites for many years, we only exhibited her for the first time at heliumcowboy last winter at the group show „Bonbons & Bier“. 
“A writer as well as visual artist, Mercedes Helnwein does not so much tell stories or even capture moments in her drawings as she triggers possibilities—the possibilities being vaguely unlikely, vaguely unsavory, and not-so-vaguely menacing, rather like inverse Magrittes. Helnwein’s basic ingredient is the fully, fashionably, clothed human figure, more often than not regarding the viewer or about to; occupying a peculiarly lit, but familiar space, they are shown engaged in a solipsistic soliloquy— self-absorbed and drenched in an almost urgent ennui—with someone and/or something else. The something else is never a weapon, and the someone else never seems to be a love interest or BFF, so the narrative tension keeps to a simmer. But that tension is the more pervasive for its very indirection and indefinability…”
-Peter Frank for Art Ltd
Mercedes Helnwein was born in Vienna, Austria, and is the daughter of Austrian artist Gottfried Helnwein. 


Samuel Bassett

A native from the coast of Cornwall, Samuel Bassett lives and works in St. Ives. When we came across his work for the first time last year, his intense paintings struck us with their energy and Sam’s integral and honest visual language. He displays a scattered image of his inner monologue, mapping a truly active mind, searching for the meaning of life. In a recent article about his work the writer William Cook says that Samuel Bassett „paints the good times and the bad times. Whatever happens in his life, it happens on the canvas, too. Painting is his secret diary, his confessional, his raison d’etre. ‘For me, making art is a need and a must,’ he says. Look at the paintings. It’s all there.“
His paintings and illustrations have been used in many different contexts including music album covers, artist led exhibitions and public art projects national and international. We are pleased to show him again at the gallery for our anniversary exhibition COWBOYLAND, opening July 15.
Photo: Samuel Bassett 'The Great Squall' (courtesy of Anima Mundi Gallery)


Ben Venom

So pleased to announce the participation of artist Ben Venom at our anniversary exhibition COWBOYLAND! Ben Venoms brings together traditional handmade craft and the extremes of heavy metal culture. He provides a reinterpretation through a different media like a functional object with occult symbology. Ben Venom himself describes his work as a collision between fine art, craft and the fringes of society. His inspiration comes from punck rock and heavy metal band flyers or skateboard deck designs. 
Ben Venom graduated from the San Francisco Art Institute in 2007 with a Master of Fine Arts degree. His work has been shown both nationally and internationally including the Levi Strauss Museum (Germany), the National Folk Museum of Korea, HPGRP Gallery (Tokyo), Jonathan LeVine Gallery (New York), Charlotte Fogh Gallery (Denmark), Wolverhampton Gallery (England), and the Craft and Folk Art Museum in Los Angeles. He has been interviewed by NPR: All Things Considered, Playboy, Juxtapoz Magazine, KQED, Maxim, and CBS Sunday Morning. Venom has lectured at the California College of Arts, the Frist Center for the Visual Arts,Southern Graphics Council, Humboldt State University, and the Oregon College of Art and Craft. Recently, he was the artist in residence at MASS MoCA and the de Young Museum. Ben Venom is currently visiting faculty at the San Francisco Art Institute.


Will Barras

Will Barras is a close friend of us for many years. We go back to the times when people where still struggling to put a name to a new art movement known as Urban Art today and when a Magazine called MODART was at the forefront of the discussion - and eventually brought the insane talent of Will together with heliumcowboy. MODART (may it rest in peace) was then run by no other than the wonderful Harlan Levey, who is a succesful gallery owner in Brussels these days. 
The picture above is from an international group exhibition at heliumcowboy in 2009 called NACHSCHLAG!, curated by Harlan Levey and Jörg Heikhaus, when Will painted two large canvases on location … Good times!
Remembering them, we invited Will back to the Ranch for our anniversary exhibition COWBOYLAND (July 15 - August 26)! 
Born in Birmingham in 1973, Will Barras is a pioneer of the British street art scene. In 1999, as a founding member of an artist collective in Bristol, he was one of the main protagonists of a new creative movement from which Banksy and others later emerged. In the past 15 years he has realized numerous mural projects worldwide: in Tate Modern’s turbine hall he collaborated on a mural with two other members of his collective, and in Taipei he painted a mural for the Pow!Wow! Festival.
His figurative painting on paper or canvas is characterized by his distinctive style. Using volatile colour fields and fluid lines, Will Barras depicts story fragments. They are snapshots of movements in a modern urban environment – female figures play a central role in these scenes as well as fast vehicles.
In addition to his work as an artist, Barras has made a name for himself as an illustrator and animation director. He lives and works in London.


Heiko Zahlmann 

With Hamburg native Heiko Zahlman we are happy to show one of the big local legends from the early days of graffiti at COWBOYLAND, our anniversary show opening July 15.
For decades he used concrete walls all around the world as his image carrier. Over the past years, Heiko invented his own visual vocabulary. These days his writings are highly abstract, three- dimensional works. His personal past with graffiti is still noticeable in his artworks - the basic elements didn't change, like the concrete he uses now, the foundation for his writings, the colours … But his art is constantly developing. His room-related artworks are a combination of architecture, sculpture, painting and drawing. The font as such is not easy to identify since he immoderately abstracts and mercilessly reduces it. His enormous oeuvre includes monumental sculptures, embossments and paintings that get shown in national and international gallerys and public places. 


Ryan Thomas Monahan 

For our anniversary exhibition COWBOYLAND we’ve also invited a couple of artists that are brand new to us and that we have the desire to present to our lovely friends and visitors here in Hamburg - such amazing talents such as Ryan Thomas Monahan, who hails from Yorkville, Illinois. 
Utilizing a combination of physical and imaginative exploration, Ryan creates miniaturized three dimensional portraits of urban landscapes using materials of no relation to their original purpose. His desire to capture the beauty and grime of the world we live in is filled with moments of agony and glory. The attention to detail in his works is simply mindblowing … come by for the opening of COWBOYLAND to see what magic he has conjured for us!
Photo by Grant Lechner (http://www.grantlechner.com)
Please sign up for the vernissage of COWBOYLAND here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1521400061217594



Remember the beautiful birch forest installation of the painter MIR (Alexej Mirnij) for our last big anniversary exhibtion almost a decade ago? This picture above is from that huge group show we set up in the massive „ruins“ of 1.600 square meters at Bieberhaus in Hamburg, before the building was reconstructed and turned into the Ohnsorg Theater. You could walk through that installation and enter the forests of the artists home in Russia, from the times when he grew up. MIR went to St. Petersburg to study art in the turbulent times of the early 90ies, before he moved to Hamburg in 1994.
His upbringing in the Soviet Union and the contrast he experienced when coming to Germany inspired him to develop his own visual language, that he named Inforealism - painting stories, referencing history and taking a stand on current social and political situations using pictograms and cyrillic letters on canvases that look like walls. 
We have shown him first in Hamburg in 2005 and are happy to show a great new work of MIR at COWBOYLAND (July 15 – August 26).
(photo by Ken Schluchtman / Die Photodesigner)


 Elmar Lause

He is not just one of our favorite Hamburg artists, but also a dear friend and member of our All Star-Basketball team: Elmar Lause! He created a mind-blowing cowboy-piece for our big anniversary exhibition COWBOYLAND, be sure to make it to the opening on July 15, where we will reveal it. 
If you understand german you can watch the legendary interview Jörg Heikhaus did with him for „heliumTALK - Das Kunstgespräch“ earlier this year on youtube here: http://bit.ly/2ssCUW1  
The photo here was taken during this talk at heliumcowboy by Julia Schwendner / ThisIsJulia Photography
Lause is a collector of flattened Coke cans, scrapbook stickers, multi-colored monsters made from plastic, vintage family photographs, antlers, comic strips, newspaper tear sheets and other seemingly irrelevant small details of everyday life that he carefully retains in boxes, albums and in display cabinets. All of them form the foundation of the artist’s odd and queer world that he evokes in his works. Elmar Lause enjoys manipulating the familiar and extracting something surprising and unexpected from the habitual. 
He works with the set pieces of various imageries: comic and advertisement, art and lowbrow kitsch, and video games and graffiti. In his paintings, collages and installations, these different elements of our reality are superimposed and in their combination, yield fantastic and crazy orchestrations.



Pandarosa, or the PANDAS as they are often referred to, are the brainchild behind Australian artist and designer team, Ariel A. & Andrea B.. As a studio they specialise in the installation of large scale mural works, but also apply their skills across a wide range of applications including illustration, branding, design, illustrative interiors & decorative patterns, while at once conducting their own exhibiting art practice, locally & abroad. 
We  met them when we worked together creating the Hotel Fox in Copenhagen 2005 jointly with 21 artists from around the globe. We invited them back to heliumcowboy for a solo exhibition in 2008, and are happy to have a new work to show at our anniversary exhibition COWBOYLAND.
Pandarosa have a commitment towards developing their own perspectives of thinking, feeling and researching through their work and aim to not only describe but also stimulate the imagination, thus showing the possibility of a tight co-existance between design and art. Their approach, in their own words: „We believe that the best results are achieved by artistic, multidisciplinary collaborations/ dialogue and our main objective is to give the mundane wall, brochure or inanimate object life, blood and a heart. We try to achieve this through the use of spontaneity, rhythm and colour in order create landscapes of individuality.“


Michel Lamoller

Growing up in the Black Forest, Michel Lamoller soon started to train his vision watching the formations of the landscape, the structures and the light. At the age of 15 he fell in love with drawings, two years later with black-and-white photography. His father taught him how to work in the darkroom to develop his personal vision and to specify the aesthetics of his printmaking. 
After school he went traveling around the globe, which led him also to Magnum Photos, NY, where he worked as an intern. "I work with photography in a experimental, sculptural way. The illusion of space provided by photos enter a dialogue with the new, real three-dimensional space that is manually cut into the image,“ he expains his unique process. Layering images and treating them with a scalpel knife, Lamoller creates sculptures that either get framed and presented as three-dimensional objects, or they get photographed again and finally result into a new image. 
Michel Lamoller has been showing twice with the Millerntor Gallery in Hamburg (2016 and 2017) and has been included in Lavinia Rosen’s Kunstvoll Gallery exhibition „Concrete Dance“ last June (see photo). We are happy to present one of his works at COWBOYLAND from July 15 – August 26.
(Photo by CG Walter)


Mario Kleinschmidt

Mario Kleinschmidt and heliumcowboy founder Jörg Heikhaus met in 2002 - both had just rented a space in the same building in the Sternstraße 4 in Hamburg St. Pauli. While Jörg opened the heliumcowboy artspace there, Mario used his studio space as living quarters and workshop for his art for a few years. It became their ritual in the mornings to share the first coffee of the day together and talk about art and life. Often this ritual was repeated after work too, when the coffee got replaced with beer … The very deep and strong friendship between the two began here, and it holds true to this day.
That is also why Mario created a work for the COWBOYLAND anniversary exhibition that is a hommage to the heliumcowboy artspace. It is a sculpture made from gas tank cut in half, the trademark heliumskull and more than fifty white bones ... the name of this artwork is „Don't dig in cowboy’s bones“, but that is all we’ll reveal today. Come to the opening on July 15 to see this massive and strong artwork for real! 


Mario Kleinschmidt is an extremely crafty artist, mechanic, builder, welder, painter, … and more. He is working with everything from huge steel sculptures to small toys. He is a deconstructer and assembler, filled with brilliant ideas and aesthetic visions that are disturbing and humorous at the same time. With an optimistic irony he reflects everyday live impartially. He is both narrator and observer. An artist capable of telling stories within every detail of his affectionately art objects. We did one solo-exhibition with Mario in 2004: the legendary NOTART exhibition, for which the artist turned the gallery space into a weird and crazy clinic for plush toys. 
A few yars ago he moved back to his home in the countryside of Northern Germany, where he lives and works in a spectacular farmhouse today. 

Christophe Lambert

In 2008, we’ve introduced the work of Christophe Lambert to Hamburg. This image was taken at our gallery space at the Schlachthof and shows the finished exhinition set up. His eclectic body of work includes films, illustrations, graphic design, sculpture and collage, making him the original luxury punk. 
Always DIY, and always invited warmly into various avant-garde scenes (beer and entry exchanged for Christophe’s work on flyers, posters, whatever and wherever), his is a constant work in progress. Recognizing stable tendencies in his productions is not obvious. What is revealed in this anxiety is an artist who constantly manipulates and re-appropriates, taking anything and everything sacred and pulling at it until it is profane once more.
It is a human work. It is a punk work. 
Mickey Mouse is not safe, nor is Nietzsche or your little sister’s stuffed animals. Cute and cuddly are not concerns as Christophe sabs at the so-called normalcy of commercial culture and its latent ideologies. Working as an independent artist since the early 1990’s, Christophe Lambert has appeared in several English, Spanish, Italian, Belgian and Swiss publications and his CV boasts many many years of communicating his voice in solo and group exhibtions across Europe. 


Frank Rösner

Throwback to 2006: this is an outside shot of the location of our big exhibition at the Bieberhaus in Hamburg a decade ago. Magical light on lovely summer evening and beautiful people that queued up in a line around the building to get into the biggest gallery show the city had seen up to that day. It was taken by photographer Frank Rösner, who also was an exhibiting artist at that show. NOw we are happy to show a new work by Frank at our 15 year anniversary show COWBOYLAND (July 15 – August 26). 
Born a musician, writer and visual artist in 1964, Frank Rösner went on to study philosophy in Vienna and Madrid, came back to his home town Cologne and opened a recording studio together with his best friends. During the advent of the internet where everyone could become everything he was a founder / CEO of various start-ups. 
Before turning 40 Frank circled back to his roots and decided to focus entirely on photography. For the past 16 years he spent his life as a visual artist, working commercially on various book projects. His prints have been shown in exhibitions in Europe, China, Bangladesch, Mazedonien, Indonesia, Iran and Oman. Frank's photos have been acquired by private and corporate collectors in Europe and the US.
PS: More images from the exhibition at Bieberhaus in 2008 can be found on our website, here: http://www.heliumcowboy.com/5-years-anniversary-show-2008/



When we invited ADAMEVA to show at heliumcowboy in 2012, the dynamic artist-duo from Hamburg turned our space into a wonderfully crazy pop palace for their first ever solo exhibition - this image is an exhibition photo from back then. Larissa Kerner and Marie Suberg, the two girls behind ADAMEVA are not only known for their large-format, explosive pop-art canvases created with tape and acrylics, but their music as well, which they release under the same name.
They will be back for COWBOYLAND, our big anniversary show opening July 15, and we are looking forward to showing a new work of theirs. 

Jo Fischer

Friendship, loyalty, trust and respect are very important pillars of the heliumcowboy philosophy of relationships with artists. Sometimes we add Love to this list, and in the case of Jo Fischer we are happy to say that it is an ongoing Love story since 2010, when we first met. 
Jo Fischer is an outstanding artist whose photography can be considered as a medium of interpretation and expression, and not as a mere documentary record of visual facts. Conciously observing the world that surrounds him, and with the ability of capturing just the right moment in time, he creates aesthetically pleasing but outright photos depicting a lifestyle influenced by the glamour of Rock ‘n’ Roll and the intimate poetry of the urban life. In recent years he has travelled extensively to remote parts of the world in search for the earnestness and solitude of nature.
Touring as a musician for more than sixteen years, literally living a life based on sex, drugs and Rock ’n’ Roll, Jo Fischer took up photography as his second carreer many years ago, quickly assembling a striking body of work including straight-forward portraits which become timeless in black and white. In a short period of time he became one of the much asked for commercial photographers up to date, contributing to Leica Fotografie International (LFI) and Spiegel as well as to other magazines. 
Recently he has spent eight weeks in Syke, a north German, provincial town near Bremen. The outcome is an impressive photo series that has now appeared as a book published by Kerber Verlag

 Jay Olé

We had him at the gallery twice. Well at least his work, the man himself is still a mystery: Jay Olé, the secret rule breaker. We presented his iconic, figurative artwork at two shows, and always had people fall in love with his style. Which is distinct on the art scene right now. Outsider art meets the raw power of a thunderous pop art hurricane. Not much is known about Jay Olè’s origins, but it is rumored that he could be from New York. Or anywhere else.

*** The artwork shown here is from his instagram (@jay_ole) - the work we present at our exhibition will be revealed at the opening on July 15.

Jon Todd

Yay he’s back! Jon Todd was part of our great line-up for Mist Of Madness, last years Galerie Wolfsen-group show at heliumcowboy, curated by Rasmus Ejaas Fischer. Now we’re happy to announce that Jon contributes with a new work to our upcoming anniversary show Cowboyland - the first 15 years of the heliumcowboy artspace!

The artwork shown here is from the Mist Of Madness show - the work we present at our exhibition will be revealed at the opening on July 15.

Jon Todd is a Toronto based mixed media artist. Todd combines many mediums in his art including painting on found objects, collaging various papers, wood block cuts and screen-printing. His artistic process involves layering various mediums coupled with distressing techniques. It is this process that gives his art a unique style and places his work in the grey area between raw beauty and refined chaos.

Todd’s unique style of paintings can vary from hyper detailed elaborate portraits to bold and intense collage pieces. All his works are adorned with intricate symbolic images and patterns that allow the viewer to decipher the story behind the painting and its characters.


Jon Burgerman

Jon Burgerman and heliumcowboy go back till 2008 - that’s when we showed him the first time solo at the old heliumcowboy artspace in St. Pauli. Always a wonderful, deeply funny and thoughtful person to be around, we did some crazy sh** together such as our 5 days live performance at the SCOPE Art Show in New York 2009: „The Lossy Data Lab“ was a fake data mining laboratory made mostly from cardboard, with Jon as the head researcher and Jörg Heikhaus (Alex Diamond) and Ollie Johns as his assistants, wearing lab coats and clipboards.

More images from that crazy show on our website, and here’s a video from the whole thing on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SC849OxKZrU

Jon just send us a new piece for Cowboyland - the first 15 years of the heliumcowboy artspace, opening July 15.

Jon Burgerman (*1979 in Birmingham, UK) has built a strong reputation through his recognisable and colourful artworks of swooping, intertwining lines and hyper-emotional characters. In his mindful doodles and drawings, he tirelessly captures the images he is surrounded by. There is no distinction between figurative and abstract in them. Instead, he allows his lines to dance between those categories, softening the boundaries between the inside and the oustide, and also between high and low art.

Besides his work as an artist, he is also an illustrator and designs products and collectibles that are in high demand. Nothing is safe from his pen.



Jeff Soto

Here's another gem from our line-up of Cowboyland - the first 15 years of the heliumcowboy artspace: We are stoked that Jeff Soto will join us for our big anniversary exhibition!

Jeff Soto is a painter, illustrator and muralist who has exhibited in galleries and museums around the world. As a youth, he simultaneously discovered both traditional painting and illegal graffiti – and, ever since, both worlds have informed his work. The artist’s distinct color palette, subject matter and technique resonate with a growing audience and bridge the gap between pop surrealism and street art. Inspired by youthful nostalgia, nature, and popular culture, his bold, representational work is simultaneously accessible and stimulating.

Jeff Soto is represented by Jonathan LeVine Projects. The artwork shown here is from his last exhibition at JLP. The work we present at our exhibition will be revealed at the opening on July 15.



Rune Christensen

Our most recent artist showing at the Ranch was Rune Christensen - and we are pleased to announce that we will receive a brand new work by Rune for our upcoming anniversary exhibition Cowboyland - the first 15 years of the heliumcowboy artspace, opening July 15!

Rune Christensen’s paintings often center around the depiction of masked women with tattoos, sitting on stairs or on the ground surrounded by painted flowerpots and other recurring motives. On a next level Christensen covers these bodies, objects and the backgrounds with patterns and delicate illustrations, using colour schemes and forms rooting in graffiti culture.

Besides the classical spray paint and acrylics, Christensen has recently started to add industrial sealing compound, achieving a relief-like structure in his paintings. The results are detailed and elaborated portraits with depth and texture and a truly mysterious quality.

Photo by ThisIsJulia Photography / Julia Schwendner from the opening of TEXTURED, Rune’s recent solo exhibition at heliumcowboy. More images at our website: http://bit.ly/2t5cbkT


Thomas Egeler

Thomas Egeler aka 4000 - we LOVE this man not just for his paintings but for his friendship, wisdom and humor! We’ve been first showing his work at STADT/LAND/FLUSS in 2004, a group show with Jim Avignon and SAM. that took place simultaneously at three galleries (heliumcowboy, Feinkunst Krüger, LPG (Affe von Weldt) with a shuttle service running between the locations.

It has been nothing but a Lovestory since! For heliumcowboy founder Jörg Heikhaus (Aka Alex Diamond, in this picture deep in one of their usual conversations) 4000 is the most important painter of our generation in Hamburg with the biggest understanding of how this crazy artworld functions (he’s figured it all out!). So happy to be able to show a new work by him at Cowboyland - the first 15 years of the heliumcowboy artspace, our anniversary exhibition opening July 15!


Jens Rausch

Jens Rausch is pretty new with us at heliumcowboy - he was first shown at the group show „Bonbons & Beer“ last winter and another time at the The Best Bogus Botanical Garden in march, curated by three young curators from the Whitechapel Gallery at our gallery space. We are very happy to be able to show him again at our anniversary show Cowboyland - the first 15 years of the heliumcowboy artspace - we believe that Jens is a very important addition to our program.

Jens works with experimental techniques and materials. He uses reduction and abstraction to create his own painterly language. Often referring to the digitization of our current modern world, his works comment on our disconnection with nature. He currently lives and works in Hamburg. Jens has exhibited in several single and group shows in Germany, Georgien, Netherlands, Mexico and Japan. He was nominated for the Wesselinger art price 2015 and participated in artist in residency programs in Iceland and Switzerland.

Victor Castillo

Victor Castillo was part of the legendary @IGUAPOP-gallery group show at heliumcowboy in 2007. It was love at first sight - since then not only have we shown Victor regularly in 3 solo and numerous group shows, we’ve also developed a deep friendship. Obviously a new work by him will be part of our anniversary exhibition Cowboyland - the first 15 years of the heliumcowboy artspace (July 15 - August 26)!

Victor Castillo combines the cliché-laden images of comics with the traditional paintings of old Spanish masters like de Goya or Velázquez. Castillo is likely to be ascribed to a genre called Pop Surrealism. However, because his artworks have political and ambiguous meanings, he sees himself beyond this context. Victor Castillo lives and works in Los Angeles, USA.

Victor Castillo has been (and still is) showing with pioneering galleries of the New Contemporary Movement since the early 2000’s, such as Iguapop (Barcelona, closed 2010) and heliumcowboy in Europe, and with Merry Karnowsky (KP Projects) in Los Angeles and Jonathan LeVine Projects (image above) in New Jersey. His work has been exhibited in museums and galleries in Chile (Isabel Croxatto Galería), Spain, the United States, France, England, Italy, Belgium, Denmark, China, Argentina, Brazil, and Columbia, as well as in numerous publications.

SAVE THE DATE: We have another show with Victor coming up this year. November 10-Dcember 1st, Victor Castillo and Alex Diamond will present the second installment of their double header project „WEAPONS OF MASS SEDUCTION“ at heliumcowboy. Stay tuned! (www.heliumcowboy.com/WOMS)




Jeremy Fish

May 2010, the grand opening of our new gallery space in Hamburg-Neustadt, where we still reside today: Jeremy Fish was our very first artist at this location, and this is a photo from the Vernissage of „The Road Less Travelled“. Jeremy and gallery founder Jörg Heikhaus (aka Alex Diamond) blame it all on Willi, the dwarf! Willi was discovered by Jeremy in the streets of Hamburg and turned into a star of the show (we sent him off to live in San Francisco with Jeremy afterwards. Photo by Jon Dragonette)

Well that show back in 2010 was realized under dramatic circumstances. We came across this very personal entry by Jörg in our blog, describing the problems around the construction of our new gallery space and the last minute chaos before the opening of Jeremy’s exhibition, hope you find a moment to read it:


We are very honored to show a work by Jeremy Fish at the upcoming anniversary show Cowboyland - the first 15 years of the heliumcowboy artspace (opening July 15)!

With a degree in painting and a focus in screenprinting Jeremy's education and work experience has lead to a career as a fine artist, and a commercial illustrator. Finding a balance between exhibiting his work both across the US, and internationally in galleries and museums. while maintaining a presence designing skateboards, t-shirts, viynl toys, album covers, periodical illustrations, murals, and sneakers. The artwork is mainly about storytelling and communication, told through a library of characters and symbols. With an emphasis on finding a balance with the imagery somewhere between all things cute and creepy. Jeremy is based in North Beach aka little italy, and has lived in San Francisco for the last 20 years.

PS: Jeremy Fish Artwork has just opened „The Spirit Animals“ at the Jonathan LeVine Projects in New Jersey with his largest body of work to date. Make sure to check it out when you are in the New York area. Here’s a Juxtapoz Magazine-review of the show: http://bit.ly/2t4skWg


Stefan Groenveld

Some of the artists we show at our anniversary exhibition Cowboyland - the first 15 years of the heliumcowboy artspace are new to us - in terms of that we haven’t shown them yet. One of these artists is photographer Stefan Groenveld. Stefan is probably best known for his photos of the FC St. Pauli football club, where he not only documents the professonal players, but also covers the other teams such as blind football and the social activities of the FC St. Pauli and of Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli e.V.. He is friends with the players, the fans and everyone in and around the club.

One of the nicest guys with a camera, he gets so close to the action and the emotions, looking at his photos feels like you’ve been there yourself.

We are super happy that Stefan is providing us with a very special photo edition for our exhibition. No, not this one here, this is just an example of his work - we try to keep the artwork from the show itself hidden until the opening …  But if you know the history of heliumcowboy, you know that we are very close to the FC St. Pauli ourselves. From our first gallery at Sternstraße 4 we could see the Millerntor-Stadion, which was literally just a stone’s throw away, and heliumcowboy-Founder Jörg Heikhaus (aka Alex Diamond) is an avid supporter of the club since he moved to Hamburg almost two decades ago. Jörg also curated the Millerntor Gallery in 2013 - by the way, this years' 7th edition will open this week (Millerntor Gallery #7 29.6.-2.7.) and also features work by Stefan.

So you understand why including Stefan Groenveld is not just a question of the quality of his work as an artist, but also an important historical reference for an exhibition celebrating 15 years of heliumcowboy …


David Shillinglaw

Only 2 years ago we’ve introduced David Shillinglaw with his solo exhibition „Remote Control“, now he will be back with one new piece in our upcoming anniversary show Cowboyland - the first 15 years of the heliumcowboy artspace, opening July 15.

David Shillinglaw’s art explores themes of identity and the human condition, whether a complex anatomical diagram or simple stick man. Drawing on ideas from ancient mythology as well as popular culture, the artist creates a dialogue between the historic and the contemporary. Shillinglaw often paints directly onto found objects, forging a candid relationship between himself and his shifting environment.

Shillinglaw was born in the Middle East, which may explain his thirst for travel. Since graduating from Central Saint Martins in 2002 he has exhibited in galleries in Japan, China, and throughout Europe, making his mark in key cities such as New York, Paris, Istanbul and Cape Town. . Shillinglaw’s work moves between street and studio, from small hand made books, to paintings on canvas and large-scale wall murals.


Boris Hoppek

Boris Hoppek is the artist we have been working the longest with at heliumcowboy: Since his debut solo show "micky ficky jesus" in 2004 (see more: http://bit.ly/2tAxQ2M) we have exhibited his art in several solo and group shows as well as at numerous international art fairs. You could say that we grew up together ... and we are still true friends and big fans at the same time ... so expect a new work by him in Cowboyland - the first 15 years of the heliumcowboy artspace.

This photo shows an installation at the old space in Sternstraße from 2007. You had to walk through the ... rear end of this cardboard lady and come out the other side.

Boris Hoppek is one of the most prominent European contemporary artists coming from a background in Street Art and Graffiti. He has been an acclaimed name in Graffiti since the late eighties, where he spearheaded the introduction of iconographic figurative elements into an at that time still young art movement.

His vast oeuvre includes painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, video and huge cardboard installations, which he set up all over the world. He is famous for his public interventions in the street, turning the uninitiated passers-by into protagonists of interactive art projects, which he captures in well-edited, non-scripted short films.


Morten Andersen

We met Morten Andersen​ while visiting our friends from Galerie Wolfsen and have been deeply impressed by his elaborated style of geometric abstraction since. Morten was part of our collaboration show with Galerie Wolfsen and curator Rasmus Ejaas Fischer​ last November.

Usually Morten Anderson works rather large scale. That is why he making such a frown on this picture - we have a size limitation for our upcoming exhibition Cowboyland - the first 15 years of the heliumcowboy artspace​, so Morton had to go small and create a 50 x 50 cm piece for us ...

Morten Andersen (born 1976 in Aalborg, Denmark) is a contemporary artist with his own style developed through graffiti to "geometric expressionism" with reflections from cubism and futurism. Morten Andersen is a representative of the new "Urban art" and paints complicated geometric patterns entirely his own expression with lines stretched, colored, and angled with urban energies. Morten Andersen has educated himself through travels to Vietnam, China, France, Spain, Egypt and USA. He has exhibited throughout Europe, in USA and Abu Dhabi. In 2011 French Graffiti Art Magazine called him a prominent member of the one hundred contemporary artists to look out for.


The London Police

The London Police are coming to heliumcowboy for our anniversary show Cowboyland - the first 15 years of the heliumcowboy artspace !!!

The London Police - Official started in 1998 when big English geezers headed to Amsterdam to rejuvenate the visually disappointing streets of the drug capital of the world.

The motive was to combine travelling and making art to create an amazing way of life not seen since the days of King Solomon. From 2002 onward TLP started sending missionaries into all corners of the globe. Known for their iconic LADS characters and precision marking TLP have recently celebrated 10 strong years in the art world and their work has graced streets and galleries in 35 countries during this time.

London policemen have come and gone but founding members are still known to walk the streets of every city in the world spreading love with pens and stickers.

The current duo have managed to form a partnership more cohesive than Han Solo and Chewbacca in Star Wars and are continuing to produce slick artwork that is tighter than a butlers cuff.


Jade Townsend

Our paths crossed many years ago an an art fair in Basel, and since then we've been looking for the right opportunity to present his work at our gallery: we are happy to announce that our good friend Jade Townsend​ (USA) will be part of Cowboyland - the first 15 years of the heliumcowboy artspace.

His art in his own words:

“My current work is a range of drawings, sculptures and interactive installations that critique and re-imagine often confusing, absurd, and tragic realities of our society. By layering real and invented myths and buried meanings through a cast of visual characters who personify these stories, the work creates an ever-changing, dreamlike experience in its pursuit of conflicting themes such as contentment and rebellion, or altruism and greed.

The detailed, richly colored drawings offer unsettling and darkly humorous scenarios that inform the hand-made sculptures and farcical installations. In return, the installations feed and inform the drawings. Through this cycle, I create new worlds interconnected by underlying themes and recurring visual motifs. Within this world, any conflict and possible discomfort the viewer ultimately experiences arises from a heightened critical awareness of his/her own belief system. I’m trying to present new ways of seeing the contrived norms of our day through the worlds I have created.”

Julia Benz

Julia Benz' colors and uniqe patterns oscillate somewhere between abstraction and figuration and are beautifully surreal. After showing her first in Hamburg at the Jörg Heikhaus' curated Millerntor Gallery 2013 and in her first solo show in our lovely city in 2015 we are very pleased to announce her participation at our anniversary exhibition Cowboyland - the first 15 years of the heliumcowboy artspace , opening July 15.

As one of Berlin’s leading young female painters, Julia Benz has a thirst for life and experience which seems to be perfectly matched to her determination and dedication to her craft. Julia’s painting style ranges from figurative to conceptual art, working mainly on canvases with some inroads into street art. During time, Julia Benz has developed her very own style: the layers overlap and because no strict pre-conception or composition is made – it must be interpreted with a deep trust in the process that characterizes her work.

PS: Shoutout to Anne Scherer / Die Kunstagentin for discovering Julia's great talent at a very early stage a few years back and for her continuous support for her until today.


Casey McKee

Casey McKee ’s first exhibition with heliumcowboy was in September 2005 - his series of fighting businessmen was funny and though-provoking at the same time.

His process is a combination of photography and painting. First creating the photograph, then printing it onto a canvas, wood or paper substrate, McKee spends the majority of time working with oil paint to bring out the desired expression in his works. The final work is both a photograph and a painting, at home amidst collections of either discipline.

Born in Phoenix, Arizona, Casey McKee has spent most of his professional career in Berlin, Germany, where he continues to live and work. His works have been exhibited and collected throughout Europe, the United States and East Asia.


Andrea Wan

We already have our eyes on Andrea Wan for quite a while and now with Cowboyland - the first 15 years of the heliumcowboy artspace we finally take the chance to show her work.

Andrea Wan is a Visual Artist and Illustrator born in Hong Kong, raised in Vancouver, BC and now based in Berlin. Working mostly with ink on paper, Andrea sees her work as a visual journal that reflects her thoughts and experiences. Her art combines traditional narrative aesthetics with eerie and surrealist qualities, depicting a world with great sensibility. Andrea finds inspiration by looking outwards to observe her surroundings such as people and places, and looking introspectively into the obscure corners of her subconscious.


Jim Avignon

No real need to introduce Jim Avignon​ to the heliumcowboy family - he has been showing with us a bunch of times since 2004 ... this image show him setting up his exhibition "IMPORT/EXPORT in 2006 (more photos can be found here: http://bit.ly/2tfTSHT).
Of course Jim will be part of the anniversary show Cowboyland - the first 15 years of the heliumcowboy artspace.
Jim is internationally renowned as a painter, musician, performance-artist and writer. His naive cartoon style is deceiving - with a touch of irony he questions our capitalistic globalized world. His fast and low priced mass production sabotages the strategies of the art market and disapproves of financial speculation. Although Avignon is long since considered an iconic figure in the art- and music scene, he still manages to cross the boundaries of mainstream and underground.

TIPP: Jim Avignon has just opened a solo-exhibition at our friend Anne Scherer / Die Kunstagentin​ in Cologne, make sure to check it out if you are in the area!

Gary Taxali

Another great artist in our line-up for Cowboyland - the first 15 years of the heliumcowboy artspace isGary Taxali from Toronto, Canada. He is an award winning illustrator and his fine artwork has been exhibited in galleries in the United States and Europe, such as Jonathan LeVine Projects or Lazarides, as well as in museums such as the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Andy Warhol Museum or the Contemporary Art Museum in Rome. Gary has been in Hamburg this spring for a group exhibition at Feinkunst Krüger

His retro stylized art is reminiscent of the 1930s and best described as “reinvented pop art” and rooted from his illustration background. In teh words of Shepard Fairey: “Gary Taxali is one of those rare artists whose work is immediately inviting and familiar, yet idiosyncratic and unmistakable. He has created a universe of characters, slogans and motifs reminiscent of ‘50s advertising, comics and painted signs but rendered in a minimal, sophisticated style. Though much of Gary’s work appears to be about struggle and disappointment, there is gleeful mischief, beauty and poetic irony as well.”

Rainer Boronowski

With artist Rainer Boronowski an old friend returns to the Heliumcowboy Artspace - he was one of the first artists to show with us in 2003 (Photos from the exhibition can be found here: http://bit.ly/2sem3bE ). We are looking forward to seeing his work again on our walls after so many years at our anniversary show Cowboyland - the first 15 years of the heliumcowboy artspace!

Rainer Boronowski is a Pop Art artist and lives in Berlin since 1999. In 1996 he studied the reverse painting on glass technique from Emil Schult, who is known for the artworks of the music group Kraftwerk. Rainer Boronowski converted his iconic Pop Art subjects in this kind of technique. One of his favorite subjects is the little dog Bonito, for whom he created an own theme world: Bonito Island.

Jan Kaláb

What goes around, comes around: We love the imperfect circles of Jan Kaláb, who is one of the 55 artists of our upcoming exhibition Cowboyland - the first 15 years of the heliumcowboy artspace.

When Jan Kaláb was born in 1978 in Czechoslovakia, graffiti was not to be seen in the Eastern World. In the nineties, as the country was opening itself to western influences, he became one of the pioneers of the local scene, and founded an iconic crew, the DSK. 

Sleepless nights around train yards, light tubes at police stations and above all hard work on his style: he went through all the classical steps of a writer’s career. Through Europe, he made a name for himself as Cakes. With time, his forms became more and more geometric. He used colorful squares and circles as an obsessive vocabulary for infinite variations around depth, time, and motion. Playing with circles conveyed organic imperfection and swing into his work. 

Miroir Noir

2017 is the year of anniversaries: heliumcowboy celebrates Cowboyland - the first 15 years of the heliumcowboy artspace - and the exhibited artist duo Miror Noir turns ten. 

Miroir Noir is "an ongoing four-handed pictorial collaboration" between Milos Koptak (Žilina, Slovak Republic) and Rai Escalé Art (Barcelona, Catalonia). 

Rai came on board with heliumcowboy in the year 2007 as part of the legendary IGUAPOP group show - you can find some images on our website: http://bit.ly/2sJ0aCk 

Milos and Rai called their cooperation Miroir Noir – Black Mirror – as a reference to the legend of the black mirror: 17th century painters looked into the mirror when they wanted to relax after exhausting work on paintings. It is also an explanatory reference to their common aesthetic. It goes back to the roots of the great painters, Goya, Murillo, Velázquez, and acts as a dialogue with great painters of the past through the medium of expressive “black paintings”. The aesthetic of dark emotional undertones in painting and art in general has a long tradition in Spain and is associated with great figures that refined it. On the Central European art scene it refers to the works by Franz Kafka and Josef Váchal. (text by Ivana Moncolova )

Henning Kles

We are happy to announce the participation of Henning Kles at our big 15-year-exhibition Cowboyland - the first 15 years of the heliumcowboy artspace, opening July 15. 

Henning is a long time friend of the gallery, and probably one of the most well known german artists of the past 15 years - without having been on the roster of heliumcowboy, his and our journey through the art world is somewhat connected. His puzzling and bizarre, colorful portraits have been described as a strange blend of Francis Bacon und Guiseppe Archimboldo. These days he is also working with ceramics. Henning Kles lives and works in Hamburg.

Beau Stanton

After bringing Brooklyn based artist Beau Stanton to Hamburg for the first time for the Millerntor Gallery in 2013 (which was curated by Jörg Heikhaus / Alex Diamond) , it is an honor to show him again at our upcoming anniversary exhibition Cowboyland - the first 15 years of the heliumcowboy artspace, opening on July 15.

A multi-disciplinary artist, Stanton’s work takes the form of paintings, murals, large scale installations, stained glass, mosaics, and multimedia animations. Focusing on meticulous technique and craft, Stanton’s work is heavily informed by historic ornamentation, religious iconography, and classical painting. A keen interest in iconic visual symbols and Jungian archetypes often provides the foundation for his images.

Stanton is originally from California where he studied Illustration at Laguna College of Art and Design. He relocated to New York after graduating in 2008 where continues to live and work in Red Hook, Brooklyn constantly drawing inspiration from local nautical history. His work has recently been shown in a 12th Century crypt, on the Berlin Wall, a Fiat 500, and in galleries worldwide.

Ben Tolman

The Art of Ben Tolman impresses us with detailed architectural surreal drawings and we present his work at our upcoming Cowboyland - the first 15 years of the heliumcowboy artspace exhibition on July 15.

Ben Tolman lives and works in Washington DC. He received his MFA in 2012 from American University and his BFA from the Corcoran College of Art and Design in 2005. He has exhibited work nationally and internationally including being an exhibited finalist in the Outwin Boochever Portrait Competition at the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery.

Antonio Santinn

Looks like a carpet but it's an actual oilpainting by Antonio Santinn and we are already excited what he will present for Cowboyland - the first 15 years of the heliumcowboy artspace.

Santin constructs eerie, arresting compositions that simultaneously attract and unsettle in their evocative depictions of sublimated desire. He orchestrates elaborate still-lifes, manipulating both objects and the human form to construct a space he describes as “more real than reality itself”. He creates a visceral tension between surface and space with a range of techniques that incorporate both the technical foundations of classical painting and unexpected alterations to the qualities of oil paint to re-assemble the sensory experiences of everyday life. Deeply rooted in the tradition of Spanish Tenebrism as well as his own training as a sculptor, Santin juxtaposes flattened planes with tangible forms carved by light and shadow to create a continuous perceptual dialogue in each work. The rug series evolved from his ongoing interest in the opacity of fabric as a device to obscure the body with abstract patterns and textures. Each of these wrks brings the background into the foreground while a discernible figure hovers beneath the surface.

Jaycob Monk

Our anniversary exhibition Cowboyland - the first 15 years of the heliumcowboy artspace is in the making and day by day we introduce the participating artists. This is a work by Jaybo Monk, who is a French artist born 1963 who lives in Berlin and is on a constant journey. With his store of memories he explores the world and draws an emotional topography of his life, consisting of half hidden visual fragments of memory that are revealing and timeless at the same time. He creates pieces surreal and abstract, yet defined and shapely, bridging the gap between purpose and nonsense.

Adrian Landon Brooks

Today the artwork of Adrian Landon Brooks for our big anniversiry exhibition Cowboyland - the first 15 years of the heliumcowboy artspace has arrived. We'll already introduce you tu Adrian but won't reveal his artwork before the opening July 15th, stay tuned!

Adrian Landon Brooks (b.1983) studied painting at the San Francisco Art Institute and currently lives and works in Wimberley, Texas. Brooks works predominately in mediums of painting and illustration, using found materials such as wood, metal and old photographs as a canvas. He has exhibited in Houston, Austin, Denver, Chicago, San Francisco, Portland, Australia and Amsterdam. In addition to his gallery work, Brooks has been included in museum exhibitions at The Contemporary Austin and Fort Wayne Museum of Art (FWMOA). Brooks has also been featured in Juxtapoz, VNA, and selected into the current West #126 issue of New American Paintings.

Mikael Takacs

Mikael Laszlo Takacs is a marbler based in Sweden. He uses pipettes to distribute acrylic paint across the canvas to create his subjects, which he then distorts by dragging the paint around using various tools, such as sticks and combs. He combines the classic abstract expression of marbling with concrete figures. This results in intricate patterns that forms his subjects. 

Variations of this technique have been around for hundreds of years, but in spite of that, his pieces are often mistaken for digital art ... 

For our big anniversary show Cowboyland - the first 15 years of the heliumcowboy artspace Mikael took the exhibition title literally. Wait for it - opening on July 15.