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We offer two easy ways to find your desired piece of art: You can conveniently browse our complete available artwork online on our site or come around to our showroom in Hamburg for a personal view.

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We have put our complete portfolio on Artsy is the largest and most important global art marketplace exclusively for galleries. It is a very convenient way to get in touch with us from your computer or any of your mobile devices and helps us to reach out to collectors from all over the world easily. Just to give you an idea: In December 2017 we had 77% international visitors on our artsy page, with 43% from the United States alone and strong sales included.
Once you got in touch we can set up a video call or send you more information, images and details until you have a good understanding of the work you are interested in. And don't worry - securely shipping artwork has never been easier than today.


Even if today we host fewer and very selected art shows, we have always a lot of artwork to view on our walls and in our backroom whenever you plan to visit. Just make an appointment with us, and together we can look into the work you desire.

The Ranch, as we lovingly call our space in Hamburg, will always be the heart and soul of heliumcowboy. We have made significant changes to it and turned it into an art salon including artist studio - for more intimate and personal exhibitions and events. We now have a beautiful wooden saloon-like bar as the center of communication, and a part of the Alex Diamond workshop is now integrated into the former gallery rooms.

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