Saturday, April 14 | 19:00

The Jaunt


"The Jaunt" opened Saturday, April 14, 19:00. The exhibition is on view until May 9.

You can find available artwork on our artsy-page once the show is opened. For visiting hours check this site or make an appointment with us.


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Combining the two best things in life: Art & Travel

Experiencing new surroundings and stepping out of one's comfort zone is often quoted as the main source of inspiration for artists. Immersing in a new culture, meeting new people, and being in new surroundings triggers the imagination and delivers new insights.

The Jaunt is a project that sends artists on trips all over the world, with the sole purpose of finding new inspiration. Without any agenda or  briefing the artists go on an adventure to find inspiration.

Together with heliumcowboy The Jaunt is now organising a group show where we bring together a selection of artists who have travelled for the project in the last two years. Combining storytelling, prints and original works to give a greater insight into the creative process while on the road.

Curator Jeroen Smeets puts together an exhibition featuring artists from his exciting project, including:

Hyland Mather
Kristin Texeira
Tim Biskup
Laura Berger
Troy Lovegates
Vincent de Boer

Lots of new faces, but with Morcky and Tim Biskup we welcome old brothers in arms back to the Ranch. Tim showed with us in 2007, Morcky in 2008.


Hyland Mather

Under the moniker of ‘The Lost Object’, Hyland Mather claims abandoned objects and lost pieces of wood found in the city streets, urban wastelands, dirt paths and any other place in between, in order to create layered sculptures and installations that breathe spontaneity. Digging through an old pile of discarded pieces to repurpose them to create another unique and captivating pile of his own.


If you walked around on the streets of Amsterdam in the early 2000’s, you will have undoubtedly been exposed to the works of Morcky. He painted his signature boombox speakers relentlessly all over town. Originally Morcky comes from Italy, but Amsterdam quickly became a second home. Morcky grew up with graffiti, and afterwards fell in love with illustration and animation. His greatest daily struggle, according to himself, is to combine all of these disciplines. Characteristically for his work are his expressive pen lines, capturing the candid beauty of his surroundings.

Laura Berger

Most of Laura Berger's work is focused on the idea of finding novelty and adventure in everyday life. Laura’s work is packed with a warm and sensible palette of colours and life experiences. She is finding and endless amount of inspiration in rituals, symbols, nature, dreams, travelling and the quest for self-development. Through careful composition and skilful use of gouache and acrylic, she manages to put all of her inspiration down on paper and canvas in her complete own visual universe.

Tim Biskup

You probably know Tim Biskup's work from his sculptures, prints, his many exhibitions or features in all of your favourite magazines. Even though his output is versatile, his style is always unmistakably recognizable. Focused mainly on abstract and figurative painting and always pushing the envelope. Tim works from his home studio in Southern California, and is currently running the Face Guts gallery.

Kristin Teixera

Kristin Texeira paints to provide proof – for herself and others – of existing in certain moments in time. Capturing, documenting and preserving memories. Through the use of paint, collage, sketching and writing, she is creating tangible maps of her experiences.  Through subtle shifts in colors or ranges of contrasting colors, she attempts to create something familiar and – at the same time – something entirely elusive and intangible. Like the forgotten word on the tip of your tongue. Color is what Kristin sees when she hears music, tastes wine, or reads the titles of short stories. It is how she decipher new places when traveling, and the people she meets along the way.


Pedro Campiche started out as a graffiti writer in the streets of his native Lisbon, writing the streets with his tag, AKACorleone, inspired by his fascination with the classic Godfather movies. After a brief stint as a graphic designer he became wholeheartedly disappointed with the industry, and decided to work as an illustrator and artist to further develop his artistic career. And this has not gone unnoticed, with exhibitions, books and murals all over the world. Pedro has a great eye for colors, typography and composition, combined with a touch of humor.

Troy Lovegates

Troy Lovegates materialized in the late 90′s out of the artist formerly known as “Other. Known for his character based finger-paintings, made with oil bars blended onto the cold metal sides of freight trains which constantly click clack across North America. Another more stationary body of Troy’s work can also be found outdoors, scattered across the globe in the form of murals. As a self-described ‘collector of lost souls’, Troy focuses on the figure as a story, building motifs through heavily condensed mark making, drawing from equal parts caricature and realistic observation.

About The Jaunt

Creative Catalyst

In essence The Jaunt is a project that wants to create opportunities and possibilities for artists. The core of the project is to let artists travel the world in order to become inspired, but hopefully the experience has an effect on the artists that transcend that limited time frame and expand into their artistic practise as a whole. In this way The Jaunt wishes to become a catalyst for progress and new insights into the creative process of our artists. The first step of this process is taking the artist outside of their comfort zone and let them experience completely new surroundings.

Destination Worldwide

For each trip we send an artist on a trip to anywhere in the world, to a destination where they have never been before. Once arrived, the artist will soak up all of the local impressions and inspirations. From freshly brewed local coffee to small boutiques, neoclassical architecture, overcrowded tourist sights or whatever else falls in their way. During the trip the artists keep a travel blog and document the many impressions they come across. This way everyone will be kept up to date with the travels and adventures of the artists, allowing a degree of familiarity with their perspective. Each trip is unique, because each destination and artist is different.

Hand Pulled Screen Print

Once returned from the trip, the artist will work all of the new impressions into a limited edition, hand made, screen print. This way a unique travel document is created in the form of an artwork. The limited edition screen prints are exclusively offered at sight unseen. You know which artist is going to which location, but the outcome is yet to be determined. This way you are part of making the inspiration possible while experiencing the creative process from up close. All at a very affordable price. All of our screen prints are proudly hand printed in a small printing studio in Utrecht, The Netherlands. This studio is run by Joris Diks, who is the master printer of our project. The screen print is produced in a limited edition of 50 pieces, on a 50x70cm and 250 grams Revive paper. All prints are hand made, and personally signed and numbered by the artist.

Curator and travel planner

The Jaunt is a project by Jeroen Smeets, who acts as the curator and travel planner of the project. With a background in art ranging from editor-in-chief, to agent and gallery owner (and a variety of jobs in between) Jeroen started The Jaunt in the beginning of 2013. After talking to artists and keep hearing their desire to travel the world he found a way to fulfil their dreams.

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