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heliumTALK Podcast #02: Jens Rausch

[ this post is in german - because our podcasts are currently in german only. First english language podcasts will come in April ]

Unser zweiter Podcast - die Aufzeichnung unserer letztem Live TV Show, produziert am 4. Dezember 2017 in der Galerie heliumcowboy von TIDE TV ist online. Eingeladen war der Maler Jens Rausch, mit dem sich Jörg Heikhaus (heliumcowboy) und Jannes Vahl (clubkinder e.V.) eine gute Stunde lang über seine besondere Arbeiten und den irren Ausstellungsmarathon, den der Künstler 2017 hingelegt hat, unterhalten.

Unsere erste neue, reine Audio-Sendung wird derzeit auch produziert, Darko C. Nicolic war zu Gast in unserem „brandneuen Aufnahmestudio“ auf der Ranch. Erscheint dann voraussichtlich in der kommenden Woche.

Jens Rausch: Blickfeld, 2017 Oil, iron and copper oxide on canvas, 145 × 130 cm





Dear Friends of the gallery,

we are currently working on our new website (amongst other things), and as a little teaser before the site-re-launch in one to two weeks we present you the very first audio-podcast of "heliumTALK - Das Kunstgespräch"  (at the moment our podcasts are in german only, but we are already planning english interviews for the very near future!!).

[ g e r m a n ]

Vielleicht habt Ihr es schon mitbekommen: Wir arbeiten derzeit an unserer neuen Website, die unseren veränderten Ansatz erklärt und die in ein bis zwei Wochen online geht. Ein wichtiger Teil dieses neuen Konzeptes ist dabei auch die Erweiterung unserer Talkshow "heliumTALK - das Kunstgespräch" als reiner Audio-Podcast.

Wir sind natürlich ganz aufgeregt deswegen, und daher veröffentlichen wir vorab auch schonmal den ersten heliumTALK nur für die Ohren. Okay, es ist die Aufzeichnung der von TIDE produzierten Sendung mit Elmar Lause, aber im Intro erzählt Euch Jörg schonmal wohin die Reise gehen wird -  und der Talk mit Elmar ist ja immer noch aktuell und super interessant. Erste neue Shows produzieren wir natürlich auch schon in unserem kleinen neuen Podcast-Studio auf der Ranch. Bis dahin - hört mal rein:




PS: If you are in Hamburg and are interested in our portfolio of available work, please feel free to make an appointment at the gallery. Our showroom is full with great artwork, and even though some parts of our space are under construction, there is always a lot to see.

PPS: Also, FIRST. - our online-only exhibition is still live on our artsy-page: make sure to check it out!



What's going on and ... FIRST. - Online Exhibition opening Feb 1st

Dear Friends of the gallery,

First of all - we know, we've been a bit quiet lately. But that has only good reasons!

The main one: At heliumcowboy we have been constantly challenging the way we approach art and its presentation. It is part of our long history. Now we are taking this liberty again and are "implementating" a new concept for a different artspace. We are very excited about this and hope you are too - the opening is in March, and there is still tons of work to do before we are ready.

As part of this we are currently making a new website that we will launch soon. Also, we are expanding the heliumTALK TV-format into a podcast as well. And are talking to artists, curators, and other very interesting people about our program for 2018 ...

In the meantime we do other exiting stuff:


Our very first online-only exhibition. It will go live on our artsy-page this Thursday, February 1st, at 12 noon. Make sure to check it out! 

Melvin & Jörg

PS: If you are in Hamburg and are interested in our portfolio of available work, please feel free to make an appointment at the gallery. Our showroom is full with great artwork, and even though some parts of our space are under construction, there is always a lot to see.


Welcome to 2018

Victor Castillo: "Sorry for laughing" - available at the gallery and via artsy.net (click image to learn more)

Welcome to a New Year and new adventures on the Ranch. We just opened our doors for 2018 and are looking ahead to an exciting 12 months ahead of us. Feel free to make an appointment if you want to visit us during the week, or check out or artsy.net site for available and new artwork.

Right now we are frantically working on several changes to heliumcowboy - including this slightly outdated website. But there is more than just cosmetics: our content, our approach, our shows and our home will change, and as soon as we can tell you more we will.

Bear with us, some things may take a bit longer, but you can already put down Friday, February 16 in your calendars as the first date this year where we will invite you all to come down to the ... hmm, gallery ... for the official opening and the presentation of our program for 2018.

Happy New Year!



A merry christmas & Happy New Year!

Liebe Freunde der Galerie,

wir wünschen Euch von ganzem Herzen ein friedvolles Weihnachtsfest und ein Frohes Neues Jahr.

Ein großartiges Jahr liegt hinter uns, wir haben mit Euch tolle Ausstellungen mit großartigen Künstlern erlebt, auf unseren 15. Galeriegeburtstag angestoßen und überhaupt recht viel gefeiert auf der Ranch …  

Wir erholen uns jetzt erstmal und hoffen, dass Ihr das auch könnt. Die Galerie bleibt geschlossen bis zum 7. Januar, aber wir können es kaum erwarten Euch in 2018 mit neuen Ideen und einem verändertem Konzept bei uns zu begrüßen.


Dear Friends of the gallery,

we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

A very eventful year lies behind us. We shared beautiful exhibitions by wonderful artists with you, celebrated our 15th gallery anniversary (and much more) on the Ranch.

We are taking some time off now to regain our energy and hope you all can do that too. We are closed until January 7, but are already looking forward to welcome you with new ideas and a different concept in 2018.

Melvin & Jörg

PS: This years’ heliumcowboy-Christmas-photo was kindly supported by Victor Castillo (painting), Mario Kleinschmidt (angel), Georg Kubina (star) and Alex Diamond (wood).


WEAPONS OF MASS SEDUCTION 2: Video from the opening

WEAPONS OF MASS SEDUCTION 2: Victor Castillo & Alex Diamond at heliumcowboy from alex diamond on Vimeo.

Video from the opening of the exhibition "Weapons Of Mass Seduction 2", a double exhibition with art from Victor Castillo & Alex Diamond at the heliumcowboy artspace in Hamburg, Germany, November 11, 2017.

Here it is - the video from the Vernissage of "Weapons Of Mass Seduction 2", our current exhibition by Victor Castillo​ and Alex Diamond​. Filmmaker Philip Simon​ (Silberblick.co) captured the mood of that special night on the Ranch beautifully. I hope you like it as much as we do!

And if you haven't seen the show itself: the exhibition runs until Dec 16. We are open every week Thursday & Friday from 2-6 pm AND (!) by appointment. Get in touch if you want to come around! 

Also we will host a closing reception / Finissage on Saturday, December 16 from 3 – 9 pm. 

If you are interested in the exhibited artwork you can also check our Artsy​ page here. 


heliumTALK #07: Jens Rausch | December 5

Jens Rausch at the opening of his solo exhibition "Experimentierfeld" at heliumcowboy, October 2017, flanked by the gallery team Melvin & Jörg Heikhaus.

On Tuesday, December 5 we host another edition of heliumTALK, the art talk TV show of Jannes Vahl from Clubkinder e.V. and Jörg Heikhaus.

Our guest will be Hamburg-based artist Jens Rausch. 

Jens works with experimental techniques and materials. He uses reduction and abstraction to create his own painterly language. Often referring to the digitization of our current modern world, his works comment on our disconnection with nature.

Doors open: 6 pm
heliumTALK starts: 7pm
Free entry

The show will be recorded for television by TIDE TV.


We had a wonderful opening of  "Weapons of Mass Seduction 2", the exhibition by Victor Castillo & Alex Diamond last weekend. The exhibition will be open now every Thursday and Friday from 2–6 pm until December 15, or by appointment - please send us an email via info@heliumcowboy.com.

For a virtual tour of the show, please visit our photo albums on our website here or on our facebook page.

All the exhibited artwork including information on availability and pricing is now online on our artsy page, please follow this link.


Portrait of Jörg Heikhaus aka Alex Diamond on NDR TV


Great reportage about artist and heliumcowboy founder Jörg Heikhaus aka Alex Diamond filmed by Ralph Alexowitz for NDR TV: follow this link to the ARD Mediathek (might be expired).



Weapons Of Mass Seduction 2 opening November 11

Vernissage: Saturday, November 11, 7 – 11 PM 
Exhibition from November 11 – December 15, 2017
Opening hours: thursdays - fridays 2 - 6 pm

Facebook Event 


Finally it is here: "Weapons Of Mass Seduction 2" (in short: WOMS 2), the long awaited Sequel of the 2014 duo exhibition by chilean artist Victor Castillo and Hamburg based artist Alex Diamond (aka Jörg Heikhaus). After the huge success of their first show "Weapons of Mass Seduction", the two friends want to raise their game in November. 

It is a very special, very unique combination: Victor Castillo with his special style of painting, inspired by vintage comic-like creatures from popular media, placed into post apocalyptic scenes, and Alex Diamond with his wooden sculptures, showing his craftmanship as well as his artistic creativity. 

Facebook Event 


“Weapons Of Mass Seduction” was the title of the first joint exhibition of Castillo and Diamond  in 2014. When the two first met in 2006, Heikhaus, the founder of heliumcowboy, started to represent Victor with his gallery exclusively in Germany.

But their relationship grew beyond this and they became close friends. Soon they started to develop a concept for a joint exhibition - the project “Weapons Of Mass Seduction” was born. Both artists, although in different techniques, styles and materials, understand themselves as visual storytellers in a pop cultural world. One very important element in both their work is the topic of seduction, with their artwork deciphering the perceptual overload in everyday life. This way they uncover the seduction everyone is exposed to daily through media, social events and politics. The title of the exhibition is a direct reference to this shared approach.

Like in the first exhibition „Weapons Of Mass Seduction“ in 2014 the artworks will be installed not separated by artist but in a mixed way, to create a visual and content-related dialogue. Castillo will bring some large format paintings on canvas, repainted historical prints and book pages, as well as ink drawings from Los Angeles to Hamburg. Alex Diamond shows his newest multi layered, sculptural woodcuts and a very special series of his photo drawings. There will also be a wood-installation build by Alex Diamond and completed with painting by Victor Castillo. 


photos from the 2014 exhibition | photos from the 2014 vernissage 


Victor Castillo.Born and raised in Chile in the 70ies, the life of Victor Castillo begins with disillusion. Under General Pinochet Chile was a place without a liberal cultural life, artistic individualism or free development of talent. Driven by anger and frustration, Castillo began to handle the oppression in an artistic way.

His images evoke (pretended) idyllic settings taken from vintage comics, cartoons and  mainstream media, but for the viewer they appear threatening, gloomy and diabolic. His protagonists are figures from children books with black holes instead of eyes. Besides symbolizing blindness, this is a metaphor for social ignorance. The often romantic landscapes in the background stand in strong contrast to the cruel and bizarre visions happening in the foreground. In Castillo‘s work the social chaos seems to be dangerously close. The choice of a dark color range and the baroque light complete the effect of a corrupted innocence. His paintings stand out with their theatrical abstractions of tragicomically situations paired with the artists strong sense for black humor. 

Victor Castillo combines the cliché-laden images of comics with the traditional paintings of old Spanish masters like de Goya or Velázquez. Castillo is likely to be ascribed to a genre called Pop Surrealism. However, because his artworks have political and ambiguous meanings, he sees himself beyond this context. Victor Castillo lives and works in Los Angeles, USA, and is shown by well-known galleries such as  KP Projects (Merry Karnowski), Jonathan LeVine. Isabel Croxatto Galeria, Corey Helford, Iguapop and others. He is exclusively represented in Germany by heliumcowboy since 2006.

Instagram: @victor_castillo_art

Victor Castillo: We Were All To Be Kings IV, Acryl auf Leinwand, 200 x 250 cm, 2017



Alex Diamond in the studio.Alex Diamond was initiated as a stand-alone art project by Jörg Heikhaus in 2004. Although it has outlived its original intent, it has become his stage name as an artist.

Essentially being a determined and straightforward storyteller, most of his artwork can be seen as an exploration of contemporary culture and its recurring social recognition patterns, with strong references to popular content and aesthetics.

Known for skillfully employing a vast variety of different techniques and crafts over the years, the majority of his oeuvre today consists of his distinctive trademark woodwork: multi-layered, meticulously and highly detailed sculptural woodcuts, blended with diverse painting and pigmenting styles.

Jörg Heikhaus has been an artist since 1987. He founded the heliumcowboy gallery in 2002 and worked as a curator for large art projects since. Today he spends most of his time creating his complex woodwork or rare and intricate drawings and is only executing a representational and consulting role within the heliumcowboy organization.

instagram: @alexxxdiamond

Alex Diamond: The Love Me Or Die, skulpturaler Holzschnitt, Holz und Acrylfarbe, 85 x 72 x 18 cm, 2017