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Next exhibition: Experimentierfeld by Jens Rausch opening October 21

Jens Rausch: IKON (2017), 60 x 90 cm. Click image to view the facebook event.

We are delighted to announce the first solo exhibition by artist Jens Rausch at heliumcowboy: EXPERIMENTIERFELD opens October 21, 7 pm.

Rausch works with experimental techniques and materials. He uses reduction and abstraction to create his own painterly language. Often referring to the digitization of our current modern world, his works comment on our disconnection with nature. He currently lives and works in Hamburg. Jens has exhibited in several single and group shows in Germany, Georgien, Netherlands, Mexico and Japan. He was nominated for the Wesselinger art price 2015 and participated in artist in residency programs in Iceland and Switzerland.


Vernissage: Saturday, October 21, 7 – 11 PM | Facebook Event

Exhibition from October 21 – November 3, 2017

Opening hours: wednesdays - fridays 1 - 6 pm.




In the press: Der HAMBURGER

The new issue of Der Hamburger is out at the newsstands now and features a very nice portrait of our founder and fellow artist Jörg Heikhaus aka Alex Diamond. Besides of course many other great stories from and about the beautiful city of Hamburg.


Finissage of COWBOYLAND: August 25

At the end of our anniversary exhibition COWBOYLAND we invite you all again to celebrate the Finissage of this wonderful and unique show. One last chance to see 55 carefully selected works by 55 international artists while having drinks with us and our friends on the Ranch.

We are looking forward to see you!

The exhibition is open until August 26, every Thursday and Friday from 1–6 pm, and by appointment - drop us a mail!

Video from the exhibition: www.youtube.com/watch?v=29o4yvyuIc

More info: www.heliumcowboy.com/cowboyland 

Exhibited artwork: www.artsy.net/show/heliumcowboy-cowboyland



4000 * 56K/Ole Utikal * ADAMEVA * Adrian Landon Brooks * Alex Diamond * Alekseij Mirnij * Andrea Wan * Antonio Santin * Beau Stanton * Ben Tolman * Ben Venom * Boris Hoppek * Casey McKee * Christophe Lambert * David Shillinglaw * Elmar Lause * Frank Rösner * Gary Taxali * Heiko Müller * Heiko Zahlmann * Jan Kaláb * Henning Kles * Jade Townsend * Jay Olé * Jaybo Monk * Jeff Soto * Jens Rausch * Jeremy Fish * Jim Avignon * Jo Fischer * Jon Burgerman * Jon Todd * Julia Benz * Mario Kleinschmidt * Mercedes Helnwein * melv12 * Michel Lamoller * Mikael Takács * Milos Koptak * Miroir Noir * moki * Morten Andersen * Pandarosa * Rai Escalé * Rainer Boronowski * Rune Christensen * Ryan Monahan * Samuel Basset * Stefan Groenveld * The London Police * Victor Castillo * Volkano * Will Barras * Zezão



Video from the opening of COWBOYLAND

And here it is: the video from last weeks opening of our 15 year anniversary exhibition COWBOYLAND. A day full of art, love, respect and friendship. And music. But please see for yourself!

Thank you Tobias Sundermann / Kool Motion Pictures for the film, and Jo Fischer for the soundtrack. And for the serenade ❤️ ...


The gallery is open Thursdays and Fridays from 1 pm - 6 pm and by appointment. Please send us a mail  or a message to arrange for a date.


We're on TV. And we are open: Come visit COWBOYLAND!

Thank you NDR Fernsehen for recommending our anniversary exhibition COWBOYLAND in Hamburg Journal!

The gallery is open Thursday and Friday from 1 pm - 6 pm, and of course by appointment.



The opening on Saturday is a few days behind us, and I am still so incredibly happy how this special day went. I have yet not seen any photos, except for this one my Dad took when I was saying a few words of gratitude, shortly before my dear friend Jo Fischer sang "Darkness Cowboy" for me ❤️...

Look at me and see how happy I am. And that is thanks to a celebration of 15 years of heliumcowboy that was just so perfect in every detail...

Thanks to all the amazing artists that contributed with an artwork to Cowboyland - the first 15 years of the heliumcowboy artspace. 55 pieces by 55 artists from around the world - we got a show together that is truly remarkable! ❤️

I want to thank and hug !!! the hundreds of people who came out to be with us for the Vernissage last weekend! Fantastic guests, old and new friends - it was pure love and joy with all of you! ❤️

A very special thank you goes to the volunteers from charity organization clubkinder e.V. for entertaining the many many kids that came out to play, it was beautiful to hear and see all those children having so much fun in our backyard with you. And, dear clubkinder, your grillmaster at the barbecue made a mean Bratwurst and never got tired of feeding the crowd, that was awesome too! ❤️

I want to thank Julia Wesseloh and Oliver Wesseloh for relentlessly 😉drawing your fantastic Kehrwieder Kreativbrauerei brews at the Ranch on Saturday, Annette Kolb for providing us with SCHNICK SCHMACK, and Martin Tesch from Weingut Tesch for his support all these years. ❤️

And last not least - I want to thank my team, without whom a project like this is impossible to realize. Melvin, Fiona, LaviniaYvonneDanielaDirk, Moustique - you are the simply best!!! ❤️


The COWBOYLAND exhibition runs until August 26. The gallery is open every Thursday and Friday from 1 - 6 pm, and of course by appointment, just contact us via mail info@heliumcowboy.com and we set up a date.



Well, I guess you all heard by now that on Saturday from 3 pm - 10 pm we will celebrate the 15th anniversary of the gallery with the group exhibition COWBOYLAND.  

But that's not all - we also want to capture those first 15 years in a beautiful book!

A book full with images, artworks, interviews with artists and companions along the way, stories from our past and insights into a a fascinating movement in contemporary art that we're happy to be a part of laying the groundwork for. 

A book published by Jan Müller Wiefel and Gudberg Nerger, edited by Rudolf D. Klöckner / urbanshit and designed by Daniel Hansen / Hansen/2

The book shall be released in 2018, so today we kindly ask you for your help in bringing this project alive. That is why we started a Kickstarter campaign. Follow this link, watch the movie that Philip Simon (silberblick.com) shot for us, including interviews with Jonathan LeVine and Rune Christensen. 

Hope you have a moment to check it out! Thank you! ❤️


heliumTALK #06: Ralf Krüger

On Friday, July 14 - the evening before the opening of our anniversary  exhibition COWBOYLAND - we host another edition of heliumTALK, the art talk TV show of Jannes Vahl from Clubkinder e.V. and Jörg Heikhaus.

Our guest: Ralf Krüger from the gallery Feinkunst Krüger in Hamburg.

Ralf has been even longer in the business than Jörg - he opened his gallery 19 years ago. Together they will review almost 2 decades of gallery life in Hamburg. Needless to say that Ralf and Jörg have always shared a common goal - support the art and the artists and make great exhibitions for Hamburg and beyond. And despite being in the same shark tank, they have been close friends for almost 15 years now and have a lot of stories to tell.

The show will be recorded for television by TIDE TV. Doors open at 6 pm, the talk starts at 7 pm. It will take place inside the exhibition at the gallery.

Sign up for the facebook event


Feels like Christmas.

Click the image to find out more about the exhibition!It is a little bit like Christmas on the Ranch: We are unwrapping all those wonderful works we are getting shipped to us from around the world for Cowboyland - the first 15 years of the heliumcowboy artspace!


heliumcowboy: About fairs and friendship

This year is a special year for us: the heliumcowboy artspace turns 15. On July 15 we will open the big anniversary exhibition COWBOYLAND featuring 55 international artists (more info / facebook event).

From time to time heliumcowboy-founder Jörg Heikhaus will share a picture and some memories here on our website and on facebook. Enjoy!

Arturo Sandoval from Friends With You with Jörg Heikhaus at the heliumcowboy booth at the SCOPE art fair in Miami 2006"For me, dealing with art has always been about trusting human relationships and friendship. So here’s a throwback to 2006, our first art fair with heliumcowboy in Miami. The beautiful person I am hugging in this picture is Tury (Arturo) Sandovall III from famous American Art-Duo “Friends With You”. Sam Borkson (the other half) and Tury lived in Miami back then and had this fantastic beach-parade with helium-filled floating sculptures that made the cover of the New York Times. 

Our rookie-appearance at the SCOPE art fair was equally successful: not fully aware of what we were getting ourselves into, we experienced a crazy adventure in a global art market scene we hadn’t reached before, connecting to exciting celebrity and profitable business contacts, visiting weird parties, swimming in the mornings and skinny-dipping in the ocean at midnight, cashing in incredible sales and making a lot of new friends. 

Miami was the first of round about 20 fairs we’ve shown at. It was a very important step towards delivering to an international art market and getting recognition for heliumcowboy and our artists abroad. But the most wonderful memories to our ventures into these markets are always connected to people and the good times we had together in Miami, Basel, New York, Cologne, Berlin, Barcelona, and so on. 

Sure, I have worked with my fair (yet very small) share of assholes too, and I am aware that I have estranged some people as well and have cut ties with a few people along the way - that is unavoidable in this business. But at heliumcowboy I have always tried my best to build relationships that are fair, loyal and based on trust and friendship, no matter if you are an artist, a collector or fellow gallerist. 

A no-bullshit policy is most valuable in a high-ego business such as the art maket, and when I look at a picture such as this one from Miami 2006, I know that this approach was the right one for me.

To friendship!



Make sure to come and celebrate with us at the exhibition COWBOYLAND - the first 15 years of the heliumcowboy artspace, opening July 15 - you can subscribe to the facebook event here