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exhibition salon & studio

Welcome to the ranch






A pioneer among a new breed of galleries, heliumcowboy was founded in 2002 by Jörg Heikhaus in Hamburg St. Pauli. The aim was to discover and build exciting artists with the ability to blow away boundaries and to establish the future aesthetics of art.

For more than 15 years, Jörg has been challenging the established gallery model again and again, and is now merging exhibition salon and artist studio into a new and different destination for art.


what we do









buy art on- and offline

We offer two easy ways to find your desired piece of art: You can conveniently browse our complete available artwork online on our presence or come around to our showroom in Hamburg for a personal view.









a different experience

Our space is changing into a kind of art salon with more intimate and personal exhibitions and events. You should come around and take a look - the Alex Diamond studio is now part of the space and adds a very different flavour.









podcast and TV-show

heliumTALK is a TV-show format that we launched in 2016. We are now extending these talks to a new podcast-series with people we believe have something to say - not just about art, but about its place in our society and minds.









alex diamond studio

Becoming an overall more intimate place to experience art we decided to move parts of the Alex Diamond-studio into our main space. So now we boast not only a Diamond-built old wooden salon-like bar but also have an area where art ist created. 

Our most important message: let's get together.

In a time where communication is often reduced to hitting (or not hitting) the like-button, we believe that it is important to re-think our approach of how to get you closer to the true experience of art again. We aim to achieve this by getting back to more personal relationships through direct contact, broadcasting podcasts and by creating an environment that feels more intimate and connected to the “production cycles” of art.

Let's get in touch

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please check out our facebook or instagram for updates of opening hours or make an appointment

heliumcowboy | Bäckerbreitergang 75, 20355 Hamburg, +49-40 484 088 60

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Please note: We are not looking for new artists. Although we do appreciate your interest in heliumcowboy, unfortunately we can not accept submissions and will not have the time to respond.

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