Live TV shows (with TIDE TV)

#08: Bettina Steinbrügge | 03.18

Our first guest for 2018 at at the re-built heliumcowboy artspace was Bettina Steinbrügge on March 8. Bettina Steinbrügge has been at the head of the Kunstverein in Hamburg since January 2014.

Recorded for television by TIDE TV on March 8, 2018.

#07: Jens Rausch | 12.17

On Tuesday, December 5 we hosted another edition of heliumTALK. Our guest was Hamburg-based artist Jens Rausch.  Jens works with experimental techniques and materials. He uses reduction and abstraction to create his own painterly language. Often referring to the digitization of our current modern world, his works comment on our disconnection with nature.


#06: Ralf Krüger | 07.17

Ralf Krüger has been even longer in the business than Jörg - he opened his gallery 19 years ago. Together they will review almost 2 decades of gallery life in Hamburg. Needless to say that Ralf and Jörg have always shared a common goal - support the art and the artists and make great exhibitions for Hamburg and beyond. And despite being in the same shark tank, they have been close friends for almost 15 years now and have a lot of stories to tell.

#05: Rudolf Klöckner | 03.17

heliumTALK #05 brought Rudolf Klöckner, founder of the URBANSHIT blog, to the Ranch. We will talk about the state of the Urban Art, such as the global changes to this art form in recent years - the rise from the ugly kid of the subculture to everybody's darling


#04: Daniela Hinrichs | 09.16

This time Jörg and Jannes talked with Daniela Hinrichs, internationally acclaimed art collector and founder of DEAR Photography, a platform for Photography (online & offline).


#04: Daniela Hinrichs | pre

Before the show at the gallery we went to Daniela Hinrichs and visited her at her gallery DEAR photography.



#03: Elmar Lause | 04.16

For heliumTALK #03 we invited Hamburg based painter, sculptor and object maker Elmar Lause to join us to talk about his art, his roots in the Graffiti culture and the business of being an artist. Elmar was interviewed by Jörg alone - Jannes missed out on this one.

#03: Elmar Lause | pre

Studio visit at Elmar Lause - as an introduction to our follwing TV show at the gallery.


#02: Jörg Heikhaus | Q & A

Live TV shows always end with a Q&A with our auditorium. We split the video file so that you can jump right into this part if you like.


#02: Jörg Heikhaus | 01.16

How it all began - the first recorded heliumTALK at the gallery was an interview Jannes Vahl and Frida Mindt did with helimcowboy founder and artist Jörg Heikhaus aka Alex Diamond.


#01: Julia Benz | 10.15

Julia Benz was our first guest for heliumTALK - only then we did not yet collaborate with TIDE TV, so unfortunately this interview by Jannes & Frida was not recorded. It was very good though! ;)